Welcome to Ninja Refinery!

Simply put, this is a blog.  It’s an outlet for me to write and to create something. 

It’s an ever-evolving site, where I’m using it to develop my own skills and knowledge, but in terms of content, the core of the site is built around 3 elements: GamingCoffee & Music

Whilst I’m no professional with regards to any of the above, I’ve got plenty of experience and my own perspective on each element.

What matters the most, though, is that I’m able to use this space to create something and share it with anyone who cares to have a read. 

I’ve been reaching out to companies over the past year, looking to collaborate, and I’ve been more successful than I anticipated. 

Thanks to Turtle Beach, Loading Bars and Baytown Coffee I’ve made some in-roads and hopefully done a decent job taking my first steps to becoming a reputable outlet!

All can promise anyone that spends any amount of time here at ninjarefinery.com is that I’ll always be honest, and everything will be sincere.

I make no money from this site, in fact it costs me. But I have no intention of spamming everyone with adverts or anything like that for the time being.

Thanks for visiting! 

Feel free to contact me either via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by emailing press@ninjarefinery.com