Friends and affiliates

Ninja Refinery started out as a one-man operation, but it’s only through developing relationships with other sites, with companies and PR teams that I’ve been able to continue.

Honestly, considering it was all just a bit of a “let’s see what happens….” kinda of thing, I can’t believe how far things have come since day one.

This is what I hope to be an ever-expanding list of people that are friends of Ninja Refinery.

Cannonball Coffee

If coffee is one of my core focuses on the site, you gotta work with the best coffee companies, right? Thankfully, I’ve built a goo relationship with some of the best in the game!

Cannonball Coffee are the real deal. UK roasters that specialise in genuinely high-caffeine goodness.

As a brand ambassador, you can enjoy 10% off all purchases, on me! Use the code NINJA10 at checkout. You won’t regret it!

What can I say about the guys at

Great team of people, passionate about gaming, tech and all the things I love. They offered to let me write for them, and review stuff for them and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Your one-stop shop for news, reviews and content from all over the place. Make this one of the sites you visit daily for your lunchtime tech-hit.

Always honest, usually funny, and the only places that’s got me doing a video review of any kind. I don’t even do that for this site!

The Baytown Coffee Company

The first coffee company to give me a chance. A no-name start-up blogger trying to review something as subjective as coffee. Let’s be fair, it’s not a promising prospect, is it?

But Baytown Coffee gave me a chance anyway.

Not only do they do my favourite roasts anywhere. But they’re based in the UK, in Robin Hood’s Bay. A place we love to visit from time to time.

If you don’t want the high-caffeine hit of Cannonball, you need the smooth blends of Baytown. It’s as simple as that.

Masters of their craft, and just good folk!

Our new sister-site. An experiment, an attempt at satire and an effort to see if we can turn some revenue out of advertising without selling-out on this site.

Writing reviews of games we haven’t ever played. Because fuck it, everyone is a critic and the world of review scores has gone mad, what with Metacritic etc. Let’s be a little disruptive and see if we can feed positive scores into a shitty, flawed system that holds money back form people who work their asses off.

Head over to and give us some traffic that we can turn into ad revenue!