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I’ve been wrestling with the use of AI as a tool vs as a means to remove the creative process and just generate content.

Content is king, and the more stuff, with good SEO being chucked online, the better it is for traffic. But that feels insincere, and doesn’t have a place here.

AI (or more precisely natural language models) tools like chat GPT and Google’s Bard, have become quite prolific in recent weeks. Taking the world by storm, and causing a ruckus!


A place in the creative process

I think I’ve found a sincere use for these AI toolsets. Not to create for me, but to provide facts. Information vs opinion.

Want to know about a subject in depth? In a way that feels natural and doesn’t require visits to 20 websites, a subreddit and some old forum? That’s where AI shines, to me.

There are absolutely other ways to enhance your core work, but for me, the potential lies in adding detail. I can add context, I can add opinion. I can add facts, but I can get them quicker using AI.

I don’t know how I feel about it overall, but it’s something that’s fascinating and worth exploring.

AI at

With one exception (more detail shortly). There are no plans to utilise the likes of ChatGPT or Bard to generate mountains of content for the site.

I will certainly be playing with it, finding ways to make it work for me. But reviews, guides and opinions are all 100% human.

The exception……is a test I’m going to run. I’m going to get two AI’s to write a review, based on the same prompts. I’ll publish them at the same time, and we’ll see how good they actually are. And, we get to see which is currently the more competent tool.

Sure, this goes against everything I’ve written above, but it’s a little experiment and I thought it would be cools to try.

Let’s see what kind of content we get out of them both!

As it stands, these natural language models have a small part to play as a search function. A source for facts. Will it eventually replace opinion? I don’t think so. But I’m sure there will be plenty of that going on.

Plus, if someone wants you to write 600 words on a subject you know nothing about…..why wouldn’t you see what you can get out of it? There’s a lot of potential elsewhere. Just not for this site.

AI - Titanfall 2

A test – Titanfall 2

So the reviews from Google Bard and ChatGPT will be given the exact same prompt, and bar any quick formatting, I’ll not adjust them in any way.

The AI prompt will be: “Please can you review Titanfall 2 in about 1000 words?”

It seems fitting that my AI test is to review a game about an AI-driven game. BT broke my heart during the campaign, and he deserves to be honoured by his logic-driven internet friends!

2 reviews coming-up!


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