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Best recipes in Breath of the Wild

I’ve been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild again recently, and it’s honestly taken me away from all my other gaming/writing ambitions. It’s ruining my streaming plans and basically interfering with everything I’ve got going on or planned-out.

Who cares, though? Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece and it’s honestly been some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’m kicking-back, exploring, doing some shrines and just taking it all in. Whack a film on, grab a beer and I’ve in a happy place!

As I’m now keen on doing, I’m compiling lists of things to do in and I’ve started trying out a lot of recipes to see what I can come up with on my adventures.

Sure, I create a lot of “Dubious food” in Breath of the wild, but with some research, some creativity and a whole lot of dropping things in pots, I’ve started getting some great dishes! Honestly, I didn’t know a lot of these existed in Breath of the Wild until recently.

Here are my favourites.

Breath of the Wild - Hyrule

Simmered Fruit

An easy dish to make, and you can turn it up to give you an attack boost too.

Grab as much fruit as you can. Ideally some bananas, mixed with some apples and raspberries and you’re good.

Swap those bananas for mighty bananas to give you a decent attack boost. Ideal for health, and for approaching a tough enemy. Breath of the Wild has Lynels all over the map waiting to give you a kicking. Take the fight to them with your Mighty Simmered Fruit!

Hearty Fried Wild Greens

Another easy one, but with benefits you don’t get in a lot of dishes. Full health recovery AND additional temporary hearts.

Get some of those hearty truffles, radishes and big hearty radishes that are all-over Hyrule and get them cooking. This is a very easy one to do. You can even just use one Hearty radish to make it pay-off!

Breath of the Wild - Hateno Village

Gourmet Meat Curry

Restoring 20 hearts is pretty impressive! Certainly more than I can think I’ve ever needed at one point (put those points in stamina!!), but what a meal to have in your inventory for that clutch save.

You can buy or hunt for these ingredients in Breath of the Wild (you will need to buy the spice). Sometimes, it’s just easier to buy stuff. But if you find these bits on your travels, keep them to make this beaut.

3x Raw Gourmet Meat, Hylian Rice and Goron Spice.


Energizing Honey Candy

Not one that’s too common. In fact I hadn’t found the honey required, for a long long time.

This will restore 18 hearts and a load of stamina from your stamina wheel. Super-useful mid-battle, again.

You need to go a little out of your way for this one, as the Courser Bee honey isn’t widely spread. Head to Rutile Lake or Uten Marsh for honeycombs on trees, then cut them down to pick up the Courser Bee Honey.

Five of these will make this excellent treat!

Meaty Rice Balls

Easy to do when you’re early game. Any meat and some Hylian Rice. That’s it, you’ve got Meaty Rice Balls.

The higher the quality of meat, the better the hearts. Add some herbs or bugs for some different buffs. Simple, flexible and they look lovely, quite honestly.

Breath of the Wild - Thunderblight


With all of the recipes and meals available, you have no reason to not maintain a healthy larder of decent meals for Link as you progress through Breath of the Wild.

It’s super-important to have a lot to choose from, especially in those situations that you’re in a pinch. I know I’ve eaten more than my fair share of gourmet meals whilst getting smacked-about.

Don’t forget, too that with some of the added benefits from herbs and creatures, you can get some lovely buffs to help you survive the elements, or even give you more health.

Decent recipes are cool, but health and buffs are what matter. Keep a good stock of meals and keep Link alive! Don’t forget those elixirs, too.

Just remember Breath of the Wild treats food connoisseurs with respect. The higher quality the ingredient, the greater the benefits. So use good ingredients for great dishes.

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