Destiny 2 Raid Lair: Eater of Worlds

Having practically given up on Destiny 2 around the release of the Curse of Osiris DLC, the VasDown boys never even contemplated the “Raid Lair” .

Honestly, the concept of only getting a part-raid was kind of the final nail in the coffin, for me at least.

Until last Saturday…….

The stars all aligned and we managed to all get online, and thanks to our renewed Destiny interest, we decided to try something new. That something was the Eater of Worlds raid lair.

Now, I’m gutted we didn’t try it sooner!

Raid Lair

So, a raid lair is, as far as I can tell, a much bigger, more involved strike or a smaller, less combat-focused raid.  Either way, I actually think this concept suits the VasDown clan to a tee.

This is something that we could realistically clear in an hour or so (perhaps less?), once we’ve got the puzzles and mechanics down.  There is a boss fight, which has a couple of stages, but that is the end of the activity.  Getting there is actually just as fun!

I had very low expectations for something that people were complaining about.  I mean, once a raid is done a few times, the community wants more!  This is like a taster of a full raid, but you know what? I think it’s a good stop-gap between a full raid, and new content to come.

Eater of worlds

This raid lair started as un-ceremoniously as the main raid.  It takes place on the Leviathan, which is cool in that the Leviathan is bloody big, it can contain all this content!

There’s no context, no story.  You just hop in and get on.

Six-man fireteam, which is the content Destiny 2 is sorely lacking (6v6 Crucible is coming back though!!), and exactly how we like to play Destiny. Together.

Then, off we go.  Jumping puzzles galore.  Falling out about who stood on which platform, which platform we should be on etc.  Yep, it has it all!  The arguments of a raid, the puzzles of a raid, the trauma of VasDown completing some kind of team work activity…….awesome!!

I’m not really sure why we were there, but it boiled down to fighting a big ass Vex and we had to co-ordinate the charging of element-based weapons.  So we had runners, people defending plates and then everyone communicating, calling out where we needed to converge.  Destiny really does shine when Raids and now Raid Lairs are there for us to jump into.

Moving onwards

So, we didn’t finish.  We got to the final boss phase, but we were all knackered, it was really late and there’s only so many times i can say “we’ve got it this time” before even I want to throttle me.

That’s fine though, I’d hazard now, that we could get to the boss much quicker, and we will.  It’s on our list to get done!  Wrangling us all on at the same time is the hard part.  The raid lair will be much easier than that.

Afterwards, we still have the original raid to finish (need to master the Dogs), and then there’s a new Raid Lair, released with the Warmind DLC.  Now, we have something to do, something that feels achievable and not something that requires hours and hours of learning.

Despite my initial hesitation to a raid-lite activity, I think Bungie have actually been very clever here.  Giving those of us that aren’t looking for world firsts, a chance at something that might not take us all away from wives and children as much as a full raid does.

Let’s see how it goes next time!

Nice work Bungie.  Sorry it took me so long to give it a go.

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