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Destiny – 2016 Halloween Event – Thoughts

So, the Festival of the Lost has returned this year, sans paper and glue to upgrade your masks.

I really enjoyed the 2015 event, as a nice change of pace and a fresh way to enjoy the game for a short period of time.  I never felt the urge to spend actual cash on items, and played enough to complete a few bits and pieces…….but apart from masks and raisins, I don’t remember it that well.  Just that it was some short-lived fun.

This year is very similar.  But I’ve already “had” to spend money to try (and fail) to get some of the awesome looking bits (I really want that Ghost Ghost!!!!). Granted, it isn’t a requirement to buy things, and you can potentially get 3 of the treasure boxes for free – one for each character.

I’ve actually had quite a lot of fun doing the mask task questline, flying around on a broom, getting shaders and playing higher level events with a handicap of a lower light level, thanks to having to wear masks to complete objectives.

On the reverse of that, the heroic strike with a mask on was brutally harsh, and became a game of attrition.  It was tough, which I love, but it was tough which I also hate.

I eventually finished the mask task quests and got the firewolf mask out of my treasure!  It looks awesome, but…..what is it worth having for?

The masks look great, they do, and when using them to fulfil a task, I totally get it.  But I just struggle afterwards with some great looking masks that are actively putting me at a disadvantage, particularly when I’ve been working so hard on getting past the 385 barrier!  What are they for now? Why would people actively spend good money on them?  Am I missing something??

The ghosts and shaders, I get.  Things that you can use that either have no negative impact or, potentially have a positive impact AND look good.  But the masks, for the sake of having masks, and at detriment to your light level – the core at which all guardians work around to develop.  It just seems odd.

I would say, that playing with friends makes everything better, and having a small clan has made all the difference.  Even the harder bits are less of a slog.  Shoutout to the #VasDown gents!  The whole event can be done solo with randoms, so it’s definitely not a restriction, and to be honest, going back to The Court of Oryx was actually quite nice.

Anyway, the quests are fun, the additional dialogue and changes in the social spaces are great, and finding the broom, which ends up being a sparrow, is fantastic.  At it’s most basic, it’s a great, fun event and change of pace.  However, if you play past that, it can become an expensive, and shallow affair, chasing things that maybe aren’t worth chasing?

Just remember, your drops will be around your light level, and wearing a mask lowers your light substantially, so expect a lot of dismantling gear.

Now, anyone want to give me silver to try and get the damn ghost ghost?

Let me know what you think about the event, and your experiences!

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