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Destiny – The Age of Triumph & Destiny 2 news


Destiny has been going on since 2014, and has seen some highs and lows.  Starting out with a pretty bad reputation (poor story, not much to do post-game), to becoming a nicely rounded experience, with DLC that really pushed the game forward.

Now, with the news that Destiny 2 is on it’s way (announced officially and via several leaks of posters and images), Bungie are trying to wrap-up the whole Destiny experience, giving us reason to play through all of the content again.

With upgraded Raids (Vault of Glass is a true masterpiece of co-op gaming, and my favourite raid, hands-down) that are set to provide us with max-light loot and armour.  Quests to earn now items, and a HUGE book to unlock and prove how much of the game we’ve played.  They’re giving us plenty of reason to get stuck-in once more.

Is it worth getting back into?

I’ve played Destiny since year one, and had a couple of months away from it here and there.  I’ve done most of what there is to do.  Everything that can be match-made, I’ve done.  Most things that aren’t, I’ve done.

Do I want to do it all again?

I thought I did, until I played last night.

The prospect of re-doing Crota’s End and the Vault of Glass have me really excited to get in there and re-live some of the best bits the game has to offer, but looking through the new 13-page book of triumph, I was a little disappointed.

New story mission playlist? Cool…..but I’ve done them all with 3 different classes, and done them with friends…….not sure I want to again, unless there are some good rewards? Nope….a shed-load of legendary marks and a weekly treasure……

Daybreak strikes? Ok, so some new elements, but still the same strikes that we’ve been playing for quite some time now….

The rewards from the book! Oh, emblems, a shit-load of emblems.  I opened my book and found my initial progress from my years of playing (only 38%!), then saw I was being rewarded.  Excellent, Destiny loot is the best loot! Oh……14 emblems, 14!.  Several of which were the same but in different colours.  The book itself is made up of things I’ve done time and time again, but it hasn’t logged those, because it wants me to do it again.  I’m just not sure I want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the whole event is an excellent swansong for a game that I’ve loved, for 3 years(ish).  Bungie are doing the right thing, but I think I’m perhaps a little burnt-out now.

No matchmaking for raids, means relying on trying to get the VasDown boys all together at once, or using an LFG, which I’ve always had mixed results with in the past.  So perhaps I’ll not get to re-live the raids as soon as I’d like.

Hours of content to play and bits of the book to unlock, but I’ve done most of it already, multiple times…..I’m disheartened at the prospect of doing it all again.

The prospect of doing it for the last time is something that plays in the back of my mind though.  Destiny 2 will be here soon, all this gear and effort, forgotten and left behind.  Maybe one last hurrah will be some closure on a game that has at times been downright addictive?  Set me up for the next iteration of the universe and franchise?

At the end of the day, whilst I’m resisting a bit right now, some well-timed adverts for Destiny 2 (see the teaser below), and friends playing it, will mean I’ll end up back in the world of guardians and light, sooner than I want to admit (I have that necrochasm quest to do now….and I never got my Y3 Icebreaker!)

Let’s see how long it takes for me to be back in the thick of it!

Destiny 2 is coming!


Cayde is one of the better developed characters in the game, and a very clever way of starting the marketing (nice work Nathan Fillion).  Judging by the reactions online, this is taking quite well.  Let’s hope they can keep the momentum with the first proper trailer, due to be released today.

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