Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Getting Started

Played a lot of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I didn’t finish it, but that’s for no reason other than I moved on to something newer and shinier.  I actually had a really good time with it and remember enjoying it a great deal.

As a lover of stealth games and FPS’s, a game where I can play stealthily, in first-person is right up my street.  Whilst I still need to finish Dishonoured 2, which will help scratch this particular itch, too.  I was dying to get started on something new, so here we are.

Initial thoughts

Being only an hour in, I can’t comment too much on the overall game, but I can say that it took me right back to all those hours in Human Revolution.

I selected the option to play the synopsis of Human Revolution, so I could get back up-to-speed with the story, and then I jumped in.

Being given the options straight away to try and go lethal or non-lethal, and ranged or up-close, was interesting.  It forces me to see if I play in the way that I think that I do, or if its just fantasy (pretty sure I’m not quite so smooth and stealthy as I think I am).

Mankind Divided feels very familiar, and I chose the same controller layout as Human Revolution (not that it matters because I couldn’t remember it anyway).  it’s got the same moody-futuristic vibe, with the same colour palette, and of course Adam Jensen.

So far so good!

The proof is in the pudding

He’s my first hour of gameplay.

I truly thought I was going to nail this, stealthy, non-lethal, perfect.  Instead, I accidentally stabbed a guy, then when I found the secondary objective, pressed the wrong button, got seen, panicked, and ended up being spotted and cornered.  Standard.


So, yeah……I need to improve.  It’ll come though! Let’s dive in and get this done.

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