Dishonored Giveaway!

We love Dishonored here at and we also love the great work done by Danny O’Dwyer at NoClip. So, we thought “sod it”, there’s a sweet new documentary out around how Dishonored is made and it inspired me to give someone the chance to dive into the world the Arkane have worked so hard to build.

Enter below for a chance to win a copy of the definitive edition of the original Dishonored on Steam.

I’m about to embark upon a replay (lethal this time!) which I’ll be trying to stream from time to time, and now is a good a time as any to stealth your way around Dunwall and just drink-in that stunning world.

If this is successful, I’ll do a Dishonored 2 giveaway afterwards, too!

Dishonored – Steam Giveaway

We’re just fans of NoClip and Dishonored, there’s no affiliation here. But please do check them out and support their excellent work! Oh, and take this opportunity to follow my good friends over on Twitch!

If you fancy it, too. Please take a look at the new store for some merch!

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