Embarking upon an Odyssey with Assassin’s Creed

I had a really good time in Assassin’s Creed Origins and had always planned to eventually get to the next game in the series “Odyssey”. Although I hadn’t expected to get into it quite so soon.

Feeling a little burnt-out on the open-world of Origins, I’ve had a few months away from the series. Plus I’ve comitted to not buying games and getting through what I already have. That’s going well, and I’ve been re-living Skyrim, Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening.

Problem is, the allure of something new is never too far away. But thanks to game sharing with my brother, I’m able to play it guilt-free!

I can’t quite explain why, but nothing has really been keeping my attention for very long, and I’ve flitted from game to game with very little engagement.

And over the past week or so, I’ve had this yearning for Assassin’s Creed, though. So I’m hoping this is the one to carry me through a full story for a while.

So far, about six hours in, and I’m feeling a lot of nostaligia for Origins. However, Odyssey is definitely a game unto itself.

Ancient Greece has always been one of my favourite periods in time. The mythology, the heroes……everything. I used to read books about Odysseus from the book shop that used to come to primary school every now and then. Often pronouncing names incorrectly……

If any Assassin’s Creed is going to appeal to me, surely this is the one?

Having played all of the other main entries in the series, Odyssey is all I have left to go at anyway, so let’s crack on!


Strong opening

How does a game set in ancient Greece start out strong and keep me entertained? Well…….it turns out that Odyssey knows exactly how.

The battle of the 300. Spartans, Spartan kicks, Persians. Everything.

Damn, they started strong, so now I guess I’m in.

I chose Alexios, which is the male protagonist. Not because I’m some kind of sexist or anything, but because every man and their dog has reviewed it after playing with Cassandra, Alexios’ sister. So I thought I’d see what’s so wrong with Odyssey’s leading man instead.

A little flat in line delivery, but he has the personality of a kid that was raised as a spartan, then found himself washed-up on shore, alone, on an island that isn’t home……so it works.

Having a choice of protagonist was different. Whereby usually you get given one main character, or you switch between a couple (thinking of the Frye twins here). I have no idea how different the story is, but I’m likking what Odyssey is giving me up until now.

Ship combat is here again. I don’t mind that, but could do without it. I do like managing a crew, and having all those lovely little details to improve upon. Fire arrows, strengthening the hull etc etc. It’s cool, and you can hire people for bonuses on your ship.

In fact, I wooed a lady, and to thank her for the privilege, offered her a job on the ship. Damn, she’s lucky!

So yeah, my adventures so far have seen me learn combat, exploring a few small parts of a massive map, and talking to a lot of people. The talking is an interesting change in Odyssey…..


The changes (so far)

As it stands, I think the starkest difference in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the amount of opportunity it give you to make decisions. I don’t remember too much about Origins and conversation options, but it feels much much more integral here.

Good decisions, bad decisions? Who knows! I can only assume that it might lead to a different ending, or to different outcomes through each act of the game.

I like that Odyssey feels a touch like Mass Effect, though. I’m making decisions and trying to be the good guy, but sometimes people like to argue/disagree….

Beyond that, there are a few other system additions and changes that I’ve noticed so far.

Mercenaries. Odyssey has a system in place whereby the actions you take can lead to mercenaries being hired to take you down a peg or two. So if you upset a faction too much, you end up being hunted down.

This works in reverse, too, though. As a mercenary (Misthios), you get tasked to take people out, too. Including other mercenaries. It’s another system ontop of plenty of other in-game systems and economies, but it helps towards XP, so I guess it’s fine so far?

The other noticeable change, is that I can change the visuals of the items I’m wearing. So now, even if I pick up a level 8 Spartan helmet, I can change it to look like a shroud or hood to fit my aesthetic. That applies to all clothing/armor. Stats and perks are necessary, but the style can be changed.

I like this, because I want to look like an assassin, and not like a Spartan or Athenian soldier. So I can keep all the good stats and still look how I want to.

Good work Odyssey!



So far I’ve found myself having a great time in Odyssey.

Very reminiscent of Origins (of course), but starting to show it’s unique flavour. From the aesthetic, to the changes in systems and abilites (oh yeah, I have an ability to heal myself in battle now).

It looks incredible – photo mode is getting hit hard!

The audio so far is great. Some flat voice-acting from our leading man, but some great interactions with NPCs. And damn, am I a smooth talker with those ladies!

As it stands, I’m legitimately looking forward to each opportunity I get to dive back into the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. That’s something I can’t say about any other specific game for a while.

I’m intrigued by the story, and desperate to see any signs of the brotherhood of assassins. Because right now, for an Assassin’s Creed game, there’s bugger all mention of any assassins…..Sure it’s early doors, and as a Misthios, I guess I’m kind of an assassin, but where’s that brotherhood that I kicked-off in Origins?

I’m sure it’s all just waiting around the corner for me. So I’ll happily swan around for now in greek myth, lush backdrops and lovely music.

Odyssey, I’m coming for you and praying to Zeus that it’s as good as I’m anticipating.

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