Expanding coverage at Ninja Refinery

I have a pretty incredible wife, and because of that, Ninja Refinery can now start to cover PlayStation 4 titles!

With all the console exclusives available, this is a massive game-changer.  Not just to play games, but to compare the hardware, the operating systems, the online services, everything.

Not only that, but where possible, we can do version comparisons between consoles of multi-platform titles.

Here we go!

Starting out, I’m already making headway in one of the titles I’ve been most excited to play, Uncharted 4.  Which is (unsurprisingly) turning out to be excellent.

After that, I’ve already got myself a nice little library of titles to dig into.


So there’s going to be plenty to cover, plus I have a wishlist that’s been growing quite long over the past couple of years:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn;
  • Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice;
  • Nioh;
  • Yakuza Series;
  • Persona series;
  • The last of us;
  • LawBreakers;
  • Spiderman (I think this will be picked-up on release!!);
  • Shadow of the Colossus;
  • The Last Guardian.

2018 and beyond

There’s so much to get stuck into, it’s a really exciting way to start the year.  I’m sure I’m missing out on some massive titles, but this is where I’m at right now.

Sure, I’m going to struggle to play, write and actually do everything else I need to do on a daily basis, but there are definitely worse problems to have in life, right?

If anyone can help get me review copies of any of the above, or if anyone wants to write about PS4 titles, Ninja Refinery would gratefully receive contributions.  To see others have a place to write freely about things that they love is an eventual aim here, so why not start now?

2018 was already looking busy with some of the more thoughtful pieces I have ready to write/edit, and now the whole game has changed.  This is so cool!!

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