Giveaway: The Master Chief Collection

We had a slight mess-up buying a code, and now there’s a code for the full Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC.

Note it’s for the Windows Store in Europe only, but that shouldn’t be an issue for anyone really, so get entering and get stuck in!

Halo - Halo 5 – Halo Master Chief Collection Giveaway

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo recently thanks to the amazing state of Halo Infinite multiplayer and the Master Chief Collection on the Steam Deck. It’s been great to re-live the glory days of the series, and keep-up with where things are going.

Enter and win!

@ninjarefinery A match made in heaven. #Halo x #SteamDeck ♬ Halo Theme – L'Orchestra Cinematique

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