Guest Post: Splitgate – 5 of the most satisfying things when playing

Josh from over at FullSync has been hammering some serious time into Splitgate, and I’ve had the great pleasure of playing with him a few times. Carrying him so much is a chore, but I don’t mind……

That’s barely true (the carrying bit), but Josh definitely loves himself some Splitgate! So much so, that he wrote Ninja Refinery a guest post all about it.

If you’re not already, you need to be keeping-up with the guys over at

Here are his 5 most satisfying things when playing Splitgate.



Splitgate. A game that I was introduced to by none other than Ninja Refinery. An FPS that combines elements of both Halo and Portal, and makes no attempts to hide the influence both games have had on it. With both casual and competitive games available, and a range of traditional and more fun and silly game modes, it has drawn me in and replaced Apex as my go-to game to play when I have free time.

But what is it that makes Splitgate so fun? Why is it that people are flooding in to play this game? Well, besides it being free-to-play, there are a lot of satisfying moments that can occur in game. And here are my top five

Portal Kills

These are incredibly hard to come by. To successfully get one you need to kill an enemy using your portal, which isn’t easy at all. But if you like to complete games 100%, you’ll have to manage this tricky task, as it’s both an achievement to unlock on Steam (almost likely to appear as trophies on PlayStation and Xbox too), as well as one of the seasonal challenges for Season 0.

The only way that I’ve seen this work, and managed to achieve it myself, is by placing two portals down, with one far from any platform on the map. Leaving the enemy to fall to certain death if they pass through. But you have to be quick to close the portal as they pass through so they can’t get back. But when you pull it off, my God does it feel good.

If you’re looking to try and accomplish one of these yourselves, I recommend trying it on either the Helix or Olympus maps. Purely because both have platforms away from the edge of the main areas of the arenas.


Booing for teabagging enemies

Whilst Splitgate encourages teabagging at times, to complete daily challenges and to earn points in the Teabag Confirmed game mode, it also calls it out for being an unclassy action. I first noticed it when in ranked mode, I was playing a 3v3 Takedown game which pits two teams against each other, with the aim to wipe out the other team completely before they do the same to you.

These take place in much smaller areas, with more locations to portal around. However, players get a chance to respawn, but the more you die, the longer it takes to give the opposition time to wipe you out. Once you win, it’s often seen that people will continue to shoot players dead bodies on the floor, or alternatively, teabagging them. If you do so, the crowd will begin to boo you for your distasteful actions.

But there is something so satisfying about feeling like you’re the bad guy. A sense of accomplishment that only comes with rubbing your victory, and your computerised genitalia, in their face.

Killing through portals

Now you can do this in many ways. Put portals high up where you can see the entire map and pick people off with your carbine rifle or a sniper. Or, you can place portals behind unaware enemies and get them up close with a shotgun or an assault rifle. Both are equally as satisfying. But there is one more way to kill through portals that is even more satisfying. And that’s by killing an enemy through their own portal.

Now, unlike your own portals, you can’t see through allies or enemies portals, it’s just like a big black hole. But your crosshairs will turn red when detecting an enemy. However, it is likely that they will see you before you see them. But, if you see a portal placed before a 2nd has been, it is slightly greyed out, giving you time to aim and get ready for them to place that portal through. As soon as their portal becomes active, fire and watch your kill count go up.

Two of my most satisfying kills through portals though have come when waiting for enemies portals to activate, and firing a rocket launcher or railgun right through and wiping them out. It’s just a shame you can’t see their dead bodies bouncing around.

Getting a round-winning kill in takedown

Whether you’re playing casually, or in ranked mode, nothing is quite as satisfying as getting the round winning kill in the takedown mode. Now, there are certain circumstances where it becomes more satisfying, because it’s just not as enjoyable when you obliterate the opposition team with too much ease.

Personally, I like those close games. The ones where it is neck and neck and each side gives their best. Those are the games where nicking that round winning kill is the most satisfying. That, and when you do so by getting a multi-kill. Whether that be taking out two or all three of the opposition. Because there is nothing better than beating the odds and beating your enemy even when they have the advantage with numbers.


Getting decent loot

Now, there are a few ways to get some good loot. You get some stuff on the free battle pass, but can unlock more by paying for the premium version. Luckily, you can earn in-game currency on the free pass, and also for logging in each day to get bonuses, with every seventh day giving you 100 coins. And after a while you will have enough to unlock the premium battle pass without having to spend a penny.

You can then proceed to use any currency to buy the loot in store. But you also get loot capsules that you earn through completing challenges, from reaching certain battle pass levels and also for completing your daily challenges. These loot capsules then unlock lots of different loot for use in the game, from weapon skins to sprays, and new jet packs and portal guns. It’s all completely random what you get, but it’s so satisfying when you unlock some of the top tier skins. And then you get to equip it and show it off to be the envy of everyone else you’re playing with (Ninja Refinery edit: Or me! Still no bloody skins!!!)

Final Words

There you have it, our top five most satisfying things we have experienced when playing Splitgate. There are lots of other satisfying moments too, but these were definitely some of our favourites. If you play Splitgate yourself, why not let us know what your most satisfying moments are, or what it is that you particularly like about the game.

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