Hardware Review: Roccat Kone XP

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the Roccat Kone XP over the past couple of weeks, and I’ve used it for what can only be described as a significant amount of time.

As no stranger to Roccat products, I know from the outset that quality is the name of the game here, and the Kone XP is no exception. What I’ve been sent here is arguably one of the best mice I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. The Kone XP, combined with the Roccat Swarm software is a complete package.

The Tl;Dr version of this review is: The Roccat Kone XP is possibly the best gaming mouse I’ve ever used.


Kone XP - Perspective

Form Factor

The Kone XP is a unit that has been clearly designed and built with comfort in mind. After all, as gamers, we’re often clutching the mouse like our very lives depend on it, for hours at a time.

Built for a right-hander (not sure if there’s a left-hand version?), it contours underneath your thumb and the back part of your hand so it just all sinks into place.

The Kone XP delivers a natural ergonomic comfort, tied-together with a smooth and perfectly moulded plastic shell. I honestly can’t quite understand how they’ve made it this comfy.

Having used other mice with similar form-factors, Roccat seem to have delivered an improvement on the standard design. It’s quite impressive.


Let’s be honest the Kone XP isn’t cheap, generally retailing around the £60-£70 mark, it’s an investment, and like all investments you want to know you’re not just paying for a brand name.

The name Roccat is synonymous with quality, no doubt. The Kone XP carries that flag forwards nicely.

Beyond the aforementioned ergonomic joy, you’re holding a unit that has a reassuring weight. Built with a lovely, strong, braided cable and switches that make sure every click and press counts.

The switches are responsive and snappy. Each press was assured and this was incredibly consistent throughout the time I tested it. The Kone XP is premium build at a pretty fair price.

With 15 buttons, and a tool I’ve note seen before with the “shift” function, you can have up to 29 individual button configurations. It’s way more than I’ve ever needed, but I have no doubt this is a massive feature for hardcore MMO players.

Add to the build, the lighting and honestly the wonderful design and you’ve got yourself a bargain, even at that price point.

Kone XP - Box shot

Looks amazing

I know, I know…. it’s a mouse, it doesn’t have to look goof if it’s comfortable, responsive and well-built. But Roccat know a thing or two about gamers, and how important it is to have the aesthetics covered, too.

The Kone XP looks great with that diffused RGB lighting coming through the clear plastic shell. It’s semi-frosted and relatively thick, so the lights glow more than they shine, and it looks excellent.

Gamers need that RGB and we love customisation, too! The lighting is fully manageable by the Roccat Swarm software. With options to configure different profiles, from lighting to DPI. You can make the Kone XP your own and then flick between different different custom profiles as you see fit.

Kone XP - Swarm


There’s no secrets here, the Kone XP is another high-quality product from Roccat, simple.

Special mention to Roccat’s Swarm software, too. I’ve not had a customisation suite so comprehensive for other brands in the same space. It works a treat and gives you so many options, it’s impressive.

The Kone XP is built to a high standard, designed with comfort and quality in mind, and it’ll go the distance with you.

Whether you’re dropping in PUBG, running for safety in Resident Evil or getting tactical in Xcom. You can bespoke the mouse to within an inch of its life to deliver the optimal performance for every game type.

If it was wireless as well, I’d suggest it was the best mouse I’d ever used. As it’s wired, it’s the best wired mouse I’ve ever used. An incredible unit that’s worth every penny.

On the fence about the Kone XP? Treat yourself, and you’ll get your money back in comfort, performance and style, ten times over.

This is without a doubt, worthy of the highest ninjarefinery.com rating we have.

The Kone XP is genuinely exceptional.

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