I don’t think I’ll ever finish Breath of the Wild – But that’s ok

Finishing a game is subjective.  Do you mean 100%? Do you mean complete the main campaign, or reach a maximum rank?

Either way, one game I know I’ll never finish, is Breath of The Wild.  This is weird, because I’ll definitely finish the story, and for most games that would feel adequate, but this game…..man, this game.


Well, it’s goddamned huge for a start, and there’s so much to do and see and discover.  I could play it solely for the next month and I don’t think I would feel it had all be done.

More importantly, this game is (as previously mentioned) a very personal experience for me, for some reason.  I mostly don’t want to ever be finished with it.  I have this wonderful world to dip in and out of, as I please, and standing at the top of a hill watching the clouds move over a plain, or hearing the music in my favourite villages.

I don’t want this to end, and I’ll be playing it in bits for a long time to come.


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