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I got there in the end – Overwatch Ranked

So, I finally hit rank 25 in Overwatch, and now I’m apparently ready for competitive matches….

Firstly, it took me a long time to hit 25.  Granted, I didn’t play it non-stop, and I have had a few months away from it.  But the struggle was real.  Playing in teams of only Genji’s, or playing against teams of just Junkrat’s.  Some games weren’t enjoyable at all.

I know the changes are coming to quickplay to make it one of each character only, and that’s great.  But for me, it’s too late.  I’ve suffered, and perhaps paid my dues?

I get the point in being made to hit rank 25, it’s prepared me for the game in many ways.  I’ve used all the characters, played all the maps and gametypes, and I feel ready for “proper” matches. It’s a neccessary evil, I suppose?

So now I have to play 10 matches to get myself ranked into an appropriate bracket.  And after one game, I’m not hopeful.  My team got destroyed, but it was because the other team were so good, and I actually enjoyed it, even though it was an embarrassing defeat.

This is a completely different game now, one that I’m looking forward to, because people play “properly” with team composition being taken into account, and people playing with characters they’re actually good with. I might have to stop relying on only being “good” with a few characters, and broaden my horizons a little.  Not just Reinhardt, D.Va, Reaper, Ana and Torbjorn.

9 more to go before I get my rank…….

Videos of my progress to follow.

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