I love Rocket League – I’m not great at Rocket League


I’ve been playing Rocket League on and off since the day it was released on the Xbox One.  However, I feel like I’ve barely improved.

That said, I don’t really mind.  This game is just pure fun.



The gist

For those unfamiliar with Rocket League, simply put, it’s using cars to play football, or ‘Soccar’ if you will.

It’s dead simple to pick up and play, but wow, is it hard to get good.

The game is built upon it’s arenas and tight controls, with some excellent physics.  It all just works perfectly and it’s great fun.


Why talk about it??

I’ve been playing it a great deal recently and I’ve not managed to stream it yet, but it’s been a great time, playing a lot of 2v2 and 3v3 with friends as teammates.  You hate each other when they touch the ball after you’ve got the perfect line, you love each other when you win, and goals are set up by a mate.

The perfectly timed clutch-save, missing an open goal, scoring from the opposite side of the arena.  It’s always tense, it’s always fun, and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it recently.



The plan is to get some streams going, and just share the fun.  I’m not good, I don’t think I am, but when you get that perfect shot, or save, or you blow someone up just in time to prevent a shot happening, those moments bring you back, time and time again.

If you’ve not played it, play it.  If you’ve not seen it, watch on Twitch or Youtube, or wherever you can.  Some of the pro players are exceptional and you see them flying across arenas, knocking the ball in with precision and perfect timing.

My goals are mostly accidents…..but who cares? Gaming is about having fun, to me anyway, and this ticks all the right boxes.

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