Java Update: Bay Bank – The Baytown Coffee Company

Frankly, it’s embarrassing how long it’s taken me to get this review together.  Not only did The Baytown Coffee Company send me the “Bay Bank” blend to review, but I’ve had it half-written for months.

The truth is, I love doing this, and I always want to make sure it gets my full attention.  Half-assing a review of some great coffee is not the way it should be done!

Bay Bank

So here it is. The “Bay Bank” organic blend from my favourite coffee roasters in the land, The Baytown Coffee Company.

The big deal here, to me, was the “organic” element.  Having never knowingly tried an organic coffee before, it left me pondering whether or not there may be some discernible difference, and perhaps I’d been missing out!

In all honesty, I personally can’t really tell anything about the bean in terms of how it was grown.  Can anyone?  Surely, being organic is obviously the better option, should it present itself, but I genuinely couldn’t pick an organic bean out if I was held at gunpoint.  That’s me though, perhaps I’m not well enough educated and trained in coffee to detect the differences?

Regardless, it’s safe to say (and let’s be fair, I’m pretty enamoured with Baytown Coffee), this is yet another superb blend!


As always, I’ve brewed pretty much the whole bag.  Grinding to a medium-fine level, and then I’ve made a drink using the Hario V60, Aeropress, cafetiere at home and the work cafetiere.

I only drink it black, and never add anything to it (sugar, sweetner, syrups etc).  As far as I’m concerned, this is the “purest” way for me to enjoy each cup.

Like before, I’ve experimented with “bloom” but I honestly don’t notice any real impact on the flavour.  Certainly, the differences between paper and metal filters have a notable difference, but never the bloom.


So, with all the admin out of the way, all that’s left is the review!

Bay Bank looks to be a blend of mixed roasts, with beans looking to be both dark roasted, and medium roasted. I’ve noted this in the Albion Street coffee, too, and I love it.  It gives that bitter hit that I’m always looking for, but there there’s a much sweeter, nearly treacle-like flavour.  Smoky, bitter and sweet.  It’s one heck of a combo!

Out of the paper filters, the coffee comes out super-clear and clean (taste-wise).  There’s no interference from oils belonging elsewhere and this particular blend is all the better for it.

Aromatically speaking (do people say that?!), I’d say it’s one of the stronger, more intoxicating blends when in the bag.  A real depth and richness that basically taunts you to grind it and enjoy.  In the cup, though. I’d argue it’s the least fragrant of the Baytown bunch (possible band name?).  It’s just something I’d noticed. 

When the whole experience of a cup starts with the aroma, it may be the most underwhelming start, but it finishes beautifully when you actually take a sip.


Ok, so I’ve used a lot of words and not really said a great deal (hey, I used to work for Local Government, it’s all I know…..), but the results are the big tell.

To be clear, my favourite coffee in the world is the Albion Street blend, and Boggle Hole a very close second.  Baytown are competing with themselves in the upper-echelons of Ninja Refinery Coffee reviews.

As good as this coffee is, it doesn’t quite match the two excellent blends I’ve grown to love.  It’s a great cup, don’t get me wrong, and removing comparisons, it’s still by the guys at Baytown who only make exceptional coffee, so it’s an easy score to give.

Bay Bank doesn’t quite have the depth and richness in the flavour profile as it’s peers.  A bloody wonderful coffee, yes.  As good as the others, though? Sadly no.

Get yourself over to their website and see what all the fuss is about. I will always have a bag of their coffee in the cupboard, it’s the best coffee I know of.  Next up, I need to get one of those cool mugs of theirs!

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