Java Update: Baytown Coffee Company – Christmas Blend

One of the best coffee findings in recent years is that there is a relatively local (North Yorkshire) coffee roaster AND they do excellent coffee! That company is the Baytown Coffee Company.

Better yet, I have great friends and family and every birthday or Christmas for the past couple of years I’ve found myself with an abundance of great coffee.  This has seen me have at least one bag on the go at all times, excellent!

I’m doing a broader bit on the Baytown Coffee Company in the next couple of weeks, but first, I wanted to review the Christmas Blend, because it took my by surprise on my last cup, and I think it’s something quite special.

Christmas Blend

So, my great friend Adam got me the Baytown Coffee Company Christmas Blend, unsurprisingly, at Christmas.  Alas, I’ve only gotten round to diving in properly in the past couple of weeks, but good coffee needs to be written about, regardless of the season!

As always, it’s been through several different methods of brewing.  The Aeropress, Hario V60, and two different cafetieres.

All ground in the same grinder, aiming for a medium/medium-fine grind.


The brew

The main event, of course is the taste and the enjoyment. 

Well, the good news is that in true Baytown Coffee Company fashion, this is a great blend.

I’ve always enjoyed the Baytown roasts because they’re that little bit darker than most, and I love a dark roast.  The Christmas blend is a different beast though, and that’s no bad thing.

These beans have been roasted much more lightly, and it gives that sweeter-fruitier taste that you’d expect.  However, that isn’t to say that I’ve not enjoyed it as much.

The overall taste is that of a full-bodied and sweeter blend, with a robust mouthfeel and a really well-rounded balance of sweet and bitter. 

It’s lovely, but that isn’t where the Christmas is.  I’m not 100% sure on the additional ingredients, but I got a hint of cinnamon and possibly cloves?  There was a real sweet and spicy element that hit the nose when in the mouth.  It actually took me by surprise because I hadn’t tasted it initially.

Granted, my palette is likely terrible, and I’m by no means qualified to write this stuff, but that’s fine.  It’s a great cup of coffee and a real nice change to my usual cup.

Good cup/Bad cup?

I’ve already said a few times that I really like this coffee, so it’s no surprise that I enjoy this roast and blend.

To anyone that is looking for seasonal blends (probably a little later in the year now….), then this is the one.  Baytown clearly know what they’re doing.  If you can, track down a bag and enjoy it on a cold wintery day.  The warmth from the spice will do wonders for you!

There’s something for everyone with this blend, if you like coffee, it’s well rounded and if you like something special, it has that little extra hit of sweetness and spice.  Wonderful wonderful stuff.

Ninja Refinery gives the Baytown Coffee Company Christmas Blend our highest possible rating!

I’m now going through all of their blends, and taking the time to review them properly, so there’s more to come!  Perhaps give them a visit and try a bag yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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