Java Update: Cold Brew at Costa

Cold Brew has been a pretty big deal in the past couple of years, with every man and their dog giving it space on their summer menus.

I mean, let’s be fair, cold coffee isn’t exactly high up on my list of favourite things.

However coffee that’s gone cold is a very different beast, compared to coffee that’s brewed cold.

I’ve tried to make it myself a few times, but always ended up with watery-tasting brown juice. Never quite got it right, but I’m always looking to find that perfect method/recipe.

On a hot day though, when you want that hit or that taste, you don’t always want that heat in a drink.

Today was one of those days, when stood at the counter at a local Costa Coffee.  I couldn’t quite face my usual black americano, it was just too hot a day for a hot drink, despite needing the caffeine.

Costa – Cold Brew

Faced with the opportunity to try something I’ve not had before (at Costa anyway), I basically had no choice but to try their cold brew coffee.  With promises of whipped milk avoided (I just don’t enjoy milk in coffee), I ordered the black cold brew.

Apparently brewed for 20 hours in-store, and then chilled for a further 12, I was ready for a cooler, smoother coffee hit (the acidity is removed somewhat by the cold brewing process), and that is exactly what I got!

The coffee I got was actually pretty good.  I’m not a big fan of the standard blend at Costa.  I tend to opt for their alternative Old Paradise Street blends when I can. 

Of course, that would have been a pretty unreasonable expectation, given the length of time it takes to brew…..

It was a huge surprise to me, then, that I ended up with a nice, sweet brew.  Really well rounded and easy to enjoy.  Sure, cold coffee is cold coffee and some people are never going to like it, but the difference in taste here is lovely.  A much sweeter, less bitter hit, and a thoroughly enjoyable glass o’ joe.

As is always the case, the ice added to keep it cool, also gave it the watery taste.

In fact I’d suggest that there was way way too much ice in it.  If it was toned-down a little, there would be less impact on the overall drink and it would probably make it that little it nicer. 

Watery coffee, is never a nice drink.  Like a weakly-made cordial drink.  The taste and flavour just isn’t fully there, which can be unsatisfying.

All in all though, ice aside, Costa have got a great new addition to their menu this summer and I’ll be happily heading back for more.

Ninja Refinery gives it a hearty “recommended”, and it would go to a highly recommended if it was served with less ice.

Great, sweet, smooth and chilled brew.  Perfect for a hot day caffeine fix!  Nice work Costa.

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