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Modern Warfare – Shadow Siege Event!

Well, here’s something I wasn’t expecting……Call of Duty just dropped a new event called Shadow Siege. Dropping you in a squad on the Warzone Map Al Mazrah.

There’s some pre-able with a clip of getting you and the team pumped. Then you drop and off you go.

But this isn’t Warzone as we know it. It’s actually be really cleverly put together. All players are actually on the same team. It’s a PvE event in Warzone! Thanks to Frostos, we ran it a couple of times last night and got to experience all that it’s offering.

I think the best way to look at it, is the events at the end of a Fortnite Chapter. It’s really slick, ties-in with the narrative of Modern Warfare III and gives you rewards, too.

Credit where credit it due here. It’s fun, it’s essentially an interactive advert that gets you invested, and well… I’m down to clown in Modern Warfare III!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t finished the Modern Warfare II campaign yet, and I was a little miffed at the speed in which a sequel is coming out. But this has gone a long way to helping me come around.

Modern Warfare - Shadow Siege

The details

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as Call of Duty enthusiasts embark on a thrilling mission in the upcoming Shadow Siege event, a heart-pounding experience that combines intense combat, strategic gameplay, and the excitement of a worldwide reveal. Join the ranks of Shadow Company as they team up with the Urzikstan Liberation Force to uncover a hidden threat beneath Al Mazrah’s Zaya Observatory. Here’s your inside scoop on what to expect from this electrifying event.

Shadow Company Unleashed

Shadow Company, in collaboration with the Urzikstan Liberation Force and its leaders Farah Karim and Alex Keller, has discovered disturbing intelligence regarding a covert arsenal concealed beneath Al Mazrah’s Zaya Observatory. As a dedicated Operator, you’ll be tasked with executing a high-stakes operation that not only promises heart-pounding action but also offers a sneak peek into the highly anticipated Modern Warfare III.

Event Timeline and Objectives

The Shadow Siege event kicks off on August 17 and runs until August 21 at 10:30 A.M. PT. During this time, all brave Operators are encouraged to jump into the action and complete the Rogue Arsenal operation. This mission is jam-packed with challenges that will push your skills to the limit and reward you with valuable loot.

Modern Warfare - Shadow Siege Canister

The Phases of Shadow Siege

The Rogue Arsenal operation is divided into three exhilarating phases:

Phase I: Secure the Missile Launchers

Upon entering the battle, your squad’s primary objective is to secure one of eight missile launchers scattered around Al Mazrah. The Zaya Observatory becomes the target, as a barrage of missiles transforms the landscape and sets the stage for the next phase.

Phase II: Collect Gas Canisters

The revelation of an underground weapons facility triggers the next phase, where all Operators must work together to collect 45 gas canisters. Navigate through dangerous terrain, switch to third-person perspective while carrying canisters, and ensure your squad’s safety by utilizing durable gas masks.

Phase III: Exfil

As the mission reaches its climax, all Operators must swiftly locate the exfil point while facing the expanding threat of the gas circle. Time is of the essence, and teamwork is paramount as you strive to evacuate the area before it’s too late.

Modern Warfare - Shadow Siege Operatives

Rewards Await the Bold

Successfully completing the Shadow Siege event will earn you a host of impressive rewards. These include:

  • “Serpent Slayer” Vehicle Skin – Secure a Missile Launcher
  • “Konni Group” Emblem – Blow up the Observatory
  • “Crimson Sound” Calling Card – Exfil with a mission success
  • “Gas Canister” Charm – Deliver multiple Gas Canisters as a Squad in a single deployment
  • 1 Battle Token Tier Skip – Intercept 5 radio transmissions
  • “M13C” Assault Rifle (New Weapon) – Assist in killing 5 Commanders

These rewards will not only enhance your gaming experience in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II, but they’ll also carry over to the highly anticipated Modern Warfare III.

Modern Warfare - Shadow Siege Operatives 2

Tips for Conquering Shadow Siege

To ensure your success in the Shadow Siege event, here are some battle-tested tips:

  1. Stick Together: Teamwork is key. Coordinate with your squad to complete objectives and secure rewards together.
  2. Keep Track of Objectives: Stay focused on the mission objectives and rewards. Having a second screen with the objectives handy can help you stay on track.
  3. Utilize Vehicles: Make the most of vehicles to quickly reach objectives, such as missile silos and the Observatory.
  4. Tackle Commanders Strategically: Neutralizing Commanders requires tactical finesse. Come prepared with the right gear and weaponry.
  5. Embrace the Rewards: Maximize your rewards by completing all challenges and leveling up the new M13C Assault Rifle.

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