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Monster Hunter: Rise – Sunbreak

I’ve written plenty about Monster Hunter: Rise since before the initial release on Nintendo Switch. It was the game of the year, and for good reason. It’s fantastic.

Since then, it’s come out on PC and I’m now playing it again on Steam. This time, actually with a friend or two! I’ve had to buy it twice, there’s no cross-progress and that has been a bit of a point of contention. All those hours, worth nought on PC.

Luckily, I love Monster Hunter, and playing again, knowing all that I do means I’m engaging with the playthrough in a different way.

Enter my next conundrum……do I buy the new Sunbreak expansion on PC or Switch? Whilst I wrestle with this first world problem, let’s have a quick look at what’s coming with the expansion!

Sunbreak Malzeno

What’s coming with Sunbreak?

The key thing with any Monster Hunter game and expansion, is of course the addition of new monsters! Sunbreak looks to be delivering in impressive ways, and similar to the Iceborne expansion in Monster Hunter World, you’re going to a new outpost called “Elgado”.

So you’ve got a new environment to explore and a slew of new monsters in Sunbreak. That seems like more than enough to get me excited. However, Capcom are mixing things up even further. Helping improve the core gameplay by adding new features to hunts.

New silkbind moves is a big one for me! With the introduction of wirebugs in Monster Hunter: Rise, mobility and attacks were given a new dimension, adding layers to your moving around and to combos. New silkbind moves coming means that you’ll have more options when you’re taking on the new monsters in Sunbreak.

With added functionality to switch between the skills you have available in your combos on-the-fly. Sunbreak is giving you more variety and opportunity to adapt to the situation. I love this and I’m really looking to see how useful it is. Or how complex the buttons become, trying to switch things up whilst staying alive mid-battle.

Better wall running and new types of wirebugs are coming, too. Sunbreak is out to impress. All those added bits in Monster Hunter: Rise are being tuned-up to hopefully deliver an even slicker experience.

Sunbreak Seregios

Monsters are coming!

Sunbreak isn’t slouching on these new monster reveals, either. Sure we’re going to be equipped to take them all down in new ways, but I suspect those new ways will be required because the new monsters are going to push us to our limits.

New animations and attacks, a new locale to adapt to. I hope we’re in for a treat!

Sunbreak is bringing “The Three Lords” Malzeno, Garangolm and Lunagaron. Along with new subspecies and even new attack statuses like “bloodblight”.

We’re going to be in for a fight, so I think it’s prudent to get that grind on now and get that gear ready to go. Those builds aren’t going to craft themselves.

Sunbreak Morphed Wirebugs

Sunbreak is coming!

I don’t like fluff-pieces, I don’t keep up with gaming news here either. But Monster Hunter Rise is an exception here at and it always will be.

There will be a lot of Sunbreak streaming, lots of farming parts to build gear, ready for these challenges, and likely a lot of tweets and retweets of the stuff that’s coming this way.

With a June 30th release, I have a bit of work to do to get the PC account up-to-scratch. All whilst finishing some other games I have in progress, namely Final Fantasy VII Remake and Horizon Forbidden West, but I’m going to give it my best shot and get ready for release day.

If you’ve been playing Monster Hunter: Rise, are you looking forward to Sunbreak? Let me know!

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