PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds – Still going…..

This is madness, I can’t remember the last time I was so hooked on a game.  Let alone a game that isn’t finished, and is deemed by many (like…..a lot) people as “unplayable”.  However, here we are, PUBG is still the dominant force in my gaming time.

Truth is, knowing that no game in PUBG is ever the same, just having fun as a squad with friends, and chasing after that oh-so-delicious Chicken Dinner is a perfect combination of short-burst gameplay.


Despite the cries of “unplayable” and “this is shit” etc.  I’ve found this early access version PUBG to be at the very least, playable.  Better, still, the team working on it for Xbox are going to town on sorting out any issues.

In just over a month there have been 6 patches, fixing so much, and just refining the whole experience.

For a start, you would expect (actually expect!) to be kicked from the game at least 50% of the time, and you would see absurd levels of rubber-banding when it got busy in certain areas.  That never made it unplayable though, it just made you feel like you were experiencing teething issues.

Guess what? That’s exactly how it was.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I got disconnected.  It was well over a week ago though.  The rubber-banding is far less prominent, and all the crap that people harp on about regarding framerates and definition, are really not the game-breaking issues they make it out to be.

Sure, you see dips in framerate, particularly when in a car.  But it isn’t the worst thing that ever happened in the world ever, as some would have you believe.

Honestly, I think the biggest issue with the game, and gaming in general is the people who seem to flat-out refuse to enjoy something, and take the opportunity to overreact.

Winner winner chicken dinner……kind of

As you can see above, I landed my first dinner!  As you can also see, I didn’t contribute much at all (anything in fact).

A 4-man squad, holed-up in a bungalow, getting ready to move to the next circle……it was all looking good, we were in with a chance!  Then…..I got disconnected.  I was out for maybe a minute before I was back in the house.  I heard gun fire and panic down my headset.  We were under attack!

Luckily, I was back to aid the fight! Well….no, a frag grenade at my feet downed me as soon as I was back in the game, someone tried to revive me, only to have a molotov thrown at me, lead me to just shouting “leave me here, I’m too far gone”.  Then it was down to the other 3.

It lead to a Chicken Dinner, but I literally contributed nothing to the squad, barring perhaps an extra set of eyes in those final circles.  Worse still, because of the disconnect, I didn’t even get those Battle Points!  Truth is, I didn’t deserve them, and I didn’t deserve the dinner.  However, it’s mine, and I’m keeping it!

This basically sums-up my input in getting a Chicken Dinner……

Favourite things…..

The best thing about PUBG, is the minute-to-minute action and change of plan.  You’re always adjusting things on-the-fly and reacting.

The best example I have footage of, is below.  I saw a guy landing in the same spot that we had designated, and watched from above as he landed on the roof.  Normally, I’d adjust course, or hide, but I decided to tackle the guy head-on with my fists.

I never ever do this, purely because when I’ve tried fist fights, I’ve lost every time!  Not this time though, my last-second decision to land on the same rooftop paid-off.

Man, I love this game!

Now, to go get that solo chicken dinner, then a dinner in first-person.

2 thoughts on “PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds – Still going…..

  1. Hey iv not played as a squad yet in PUBG but I can see from what you have written that it could be an easy way to get a chicken dinner without putting in any work haha

    1. It’s certainly possible to get one, even after dying early-game. It’s not quite as fun, but you still get to support your squad and share the victory.

      Definitely more fun to be involved in the final couple of kills though!

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