PUBG – Deston is here!

Today, 13th July 2022, PUBG has seen the release of the 9th map, “Deston”.

I did a preview thanks to an invite to a press event over at where I did a write-up on what was to come, and what I thought it might be like. Well, today is the day and I’ll be doing a full review for FullSync in the next week.

Today, though, Deston is out, and although I don’t generally cover news stories and releases, I make exceptions for a few games. PUBG is one of them. The king of the battle royale genre in my mind, and going from strength to strength, even years after release.

Deston marks a change in the way the game can be played. A focus on providing distinct areas on a map to encourage different types of engagement. This is a big change for PUBG, where maps have typically been all about a specific approach.

Here’s what to expect with Deston.

Deston - the map

A new Deston-ation

 PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ newest 8×8 map is finally here as the near-future and ravaged world of Deston is live for players to explore. Deston presents players the opportunity to engage in and traverse diverse biomes: a flooded downtown embracing one of the tallest skyscrapers ever seen in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, a murky swamp, clear coasts, beautiful mountains, and the Lodge – PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ biggest building ever created. Deston is available as a featured map and will be playable in Solo, Duos and Squad TPP and FPP modes.

  • Utility Items – Deston’s new exclusive utility items are live, including the Ascender for increased vertical movement and the redeploying Parachute as default items. These map utility items are placed in players’ inventories upon entering Deston and may be used as many times as players wish. The Deston Cell Towers will allow for players to combine the use of Ascenders and Parachutes to quickly travel large distances in Deston. These items trigger special in-game interactions and should provide players new core game flow without disrupting player immersion. The items will not affect inventory weight and occupy their own inventory slots.
  • New Features – Deston introduces new features including Fuel Pump Stations, Security Keys and Doors, and Drone Rooms. Deston has working Fuel Pump Stations across the map for players to fill up vehicles as they’re traveling around Deston, but fill up at your own risk because they can create a devastating explosion if they are shot at. It’s been confirmed that the security team of Deston is not returning and left Security Keys around the map for players to find. If recovered, these Security Keys have the ability to unlock Security Doors for the opportunity to grab high-tier loot.Drone Rooms are located across Deston and players can now utilize the Drone Tactical Gear to offer a less risky way to obtain higher-tier loot. These specialized rooms are only accessible by Drone and players should look for small openings in the ceiling or an open window and fly into it to find high-quality loot or special keys.
Deston Ascender
  • New Weapons: O12 and MP9 – Players can now test out Deston’s exclusive weapons, the O12 shotgun and MP9 submachine gun. The O12 is a 12 gauge slug shotgun with superior accuracy and range compared to any other shotgun in the game to make it more efficient for mid-to-short range encounters. The MP9 is a close quarter submachine gun that boasts an immense amount of firepower to help any player get out of a tight jam.
  • New Vehicle: Airboat – Traveling by water and land? The new Airboat vehicle can solve players’ amphibian needs without having to switch between vehicles. The Airboat is extremely fast on water, travels on land at a maximum 76 km/h, can carry up to five players and is only available to operate in Deston.

Here we go!

I’m more excited about Deston than I have been about any map in a game for a long time. No doubt partially because I was involved in a press event, but also because I feel like this is PUBG looking at what some of the competition does, and is doing it in PUBG style.

I have it downloading now, and I have a lot of drops ahead of me before I get my review of the map up.

I’ll see you out there!

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