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I think we all know by this stage that here at ninjarefinery.com, we love gaming and coffee. So a game about serving coffee kinda hits all the right notes, in theory, right?! Tied-in with the fact that I’ve been fortunate enough to get a copy of Chapter 2, the new follow-up, for review over at Fullsync.co.uk I thought it best to start at the beginning and get some context to the world of Coffee Talk.

Everything about the premise is something I perhaps wouldn’t normally play, but I’ve only read and heard good things, and honestly, I fancy a change of pace and a different style of game.

Here’s the ninjarefinery.com “Quick Look” of Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk - Freya

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a visual novel developed by Toge Productions and released in 2020.

Set in a coffee shop in an alternate version of Seattle, where players take on the role of a barista and must serve a variety of customers while listening to their stories and struggles.

Coffee Talk looks and sounds fantastic. With hand-drawn pixel-art characters and a soothing lo-fi hip-hop/jazz-inspired soundtrack.

One of the most impressive aspects of Coffee Talk is its storytelling. The game is primarily focused on character-driven narratives, and each customer who comes to the coffee shop has their own story to tell.

Some of these stories deal with complex and heavy themes, such as race, sexuality, and mental health.

However, the game handles these topics with sensitivity and care, and never feels heavy-handed or preachy.

The depth of these characters, the intertwining world and the fantasy/otherworldly elements add so much charm. Even when taking moments to passively play, I was kept engaged and wanted to see how these things panned-out.

I cared more about the world of Coffee Talk, a game that took me a total of about 5 hours. Than I did during the entirety of Jedi Fallen Order.

Coffee Talk - Coffee Shop

Just kick-back

With the lo-fi beats, you have a laid-back approach to gameplay. Players are given the freedom to serve coffee to customers as they please, and there is no real pressure to do anything quickly or perfectly. The game’s relaxing atmosphere is perfect for those who are looking for a low-stakes experience that they can enjoy at their own pace.

Some players may find the game’s lack of interactivity or challenge to be a drawback, but Coffee alk is more akin to reading a god book on a rainy day, than perhaps playing an action-adventure title.

Coffee Talk has multiple endings depending on the choices the player makes, there is no real sense of consequence to these choices, and the game is fairly linear. Additionally, some players may find the game’s slow pacing to be tedious, particularly if they are looking for a more action-packed experience.

Taking it for what it is, Coffee Talk is an absolute gem. An indie masterclass in narrative, relaxation and coffee recipes.

Coffee Talk - Werewolf


Overall, Coffee Talk is a charming and unique visual novel that excels in its storytelling and atmosphere.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee…), those who are looking for a relaxing and engaging experience will find plenty to enjoy here. Coffee Talk was a wonderful rest from the action-heavy gaming I’ve been doing recently.

Pop it on a Steam Deck, grab a coffee and just kick-back. It’s worth it. Coffee Talk is a little gem, and exceptional.

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