Quick Look: Mario Golf Super Rush

I’m a couple of tournaments in on Mario Golf Super Rush and I’m having a great time. Confused by some choices, but mostly enamoured by it all.

A golf game is often a calm treat in gaming. Nice courses, lovely weather (unless it isn’t…), showing-off some of the best locations around the world. Super Rush hits that spot, too, but it also ignores it completely on occasion and makes golf gaming seems a tad more stressful.

Currently ranked as a C and 28,926 in the world. I have a few matches to go before I’m a pro, but here’s my quick review of Mario Golf Super Rush.

Super Rush

Rushing around

I’ve had to give the Super Rush element it’s own, brief section because it’s something I expected to hate and honestly, I’m actually kinda into it.

The rush mode is so odd. You take your shot, then you have to leg it to your ball. You can dash, use boost moves to get the quicker (at cost of stamina) and to knock your opponents out of the way. Now, personally, I like golf for the casual walk around a course and chat with friends, so it feels really out of place. But rush mode seems to work.

Stamina is critical in this mode, because you need it to rush. Club management is an interesting addition, too. You need to carry clubs to achieve specifics shots. But the more clubs you carry, the heavier they are and the more impact it has on you trying to rush. Super Rush requires you to really think about where you’re playing and the kinds of situations you’ll be in. I love that micro-management element.

It’s the titular mode in Super Rush, and it certainly has it’s place. But thankfully it’s largely optional when playing. Apart from in the story mode.

Flying solo

Story mode baby! My little Mii is becoming a golf pro and I well-up every time I see him succeed…… Well, no that isn’t true, but I do love seeing progress in the Golf Adventure. Using coins to buy additional clubs and outfits that give me stat boosts. Levelling-up, improving stats, and weirdly being the place to unlock all courses.

Story-wise it’s a bit thin. You’re a rookie and you’re competing to be the best. You and a group of rookies are living together and improving together. With big pro players (Nintendo stars like Mario, Toad, Peach and Wario etc) joining in on the action. Text conversations with characters are largely pointless, but you do get plenty of chance to train and learn.

Tournaments of 18 hole matches are cool and Super Rush makes you play rush matches, cross country matches (awful) and battle matches. It’s par for the course in a golf game, but with added frenetic energy and colourful, familiar characters/locales to keep you engaged.

I’m having a good time in the Golf Adventure and despite the Super Rush elements it’s relatively chilled so far……I would like to play as a main character, though. Running around the place in a very similar style to Pokemon Sword and Shield is a comfortable and pleasant way to get about in the world.



Golf multiplayer is generally a casual affair, right? Not so much in Super Rush. It’s where you see some of the best and worst of the game.

I mostly play standard mode (no rushing!) and love to tinker with the cast of characters (can’t use my Mii until I finish the story, I believe). Donkey Kong is a personal favourite, with some lovely raw power!

Powers are important here. As well as special rush abilities and animations, you also get power shots. Charge up your stamina meter and then use the “L” button to make a power shot. So far it’s been a case of tonking the ball and then causing an impact in the vicinity of where you land. Disturbing balls that lay nearby. I’ve used this tactically to knock people off the green, and you can really see some tactical ability use coming out.

3 holes, lowest score wins. Perfect. Nice and quick, but not a Super Rush.

There are rewards, too. But it’s typical Nintendo style. Lots of effort and game play for a simple cosmetic. I love Nintendo but damn, they don’t quite grasp online play, do they?


I haven’t played local games with friends, and my aspirations to play with motion controls are low at best. But I’m getting so much out of it already, that I can’t wait to get others involved with the fun!

Mario sports games are treasures, Tennis, Football, Golf. All gold. Super Rush is no exception. It’s calm, it’s fun and I’m able to just dip in and out at my leisure.

Rushing is odd, but actually fun!

The fact that you can’t play all courses until you’ve unlocked them within the story is a little jarring. Mostly because I’ve got all the characters straight away. I think I’d rather unlock characters and have all the courses to learn and master. Strange decision, but hardly a deal breaker.

If you’ve played Mario Golf games previously, you’re not going to be disappointed! It’s another Nintendo Treasure.

Mario Golf Super Rush is definitely recommended.

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