Quick look: Rumbleverse Season 2

On November 15th 2022 Iron Galaxy released Rumbleverse season 2!

I played a good bit of Rumbleverse at launch, really enjoyed it, but fell off thanks to a billion other games.

So seeing an update seemed like a great opportunity to jump back in.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s a free to play battle royale. Yes, yes, we’ve heard it all before. This is actually different though. Rumbleverse is a wrestling-themed battle royale, and your “gear” is picking up wrestling moves to use on opponents. There’s something seriously satisfying about choke-slamming someone from the top of a skyscraper or delivering a surprise elbow drop from the roof of a house.

Suffice it to say, because Rumbleverse is such a well-realised concept out of the gates, Season 2 has me hankering for some more wrestling action. This time with some new things to add to my repertoire!

What’s changed? Is it worth playing? Well, it’s always been worth playing, so let’s see what’s changed.

Side note: In getting ready to write about season 2, I somehow managed back to back wins! So I’m immortalising that here, right now. 2 wins baby!! The second one was a total fluke. I was minding my own business when the other remaining two knocked each other out at the same time. Hey, a win is a win! I’ll take it. Thanks Rumbleverse.

Rumbleverse win!


Rumbleverse is a vibrant world of wrestling chaos against the backdrop of a big map. Each match launches you into a circled proportion of the map.

Season two has extended the map with a new area called “Low Key Key”. A tropical Key area which is actually a nice change of scenery, despite being of the same art style.

I’ve had a couple of drops there and worked my way around. Having trees and docks make the terrain a different challenge, but nothing too unusual.

New area aside, Rumbleverse has introduced new items and wrestling moves to mix-up the action.

I’ve been learning how some of the moves work. One was a literal carry and then pull the trigger when I want to throw. Poor sod got chucked off the roof of a skyscraper! Excellent.

Some more attacks that can be charged, seem to be a bit more prevalent, too.

I can’t profess to have tried all the new moves yet, but I can say so far, it’s all just enhancing the fun from season one.

Of course with a new season, comes a new battle pass. The gear looks good, and the free tier is generous, too. No complaints here!

New items (Nachos for health recovery!) and weapons are thrown in for good measure, too.

Rumbleverse - Dropping in


Rumbleverse is an awesome battle royale with a wrestling twist. It’s a gem of a game and one that I know I need to be playing more often.

These latest changes are just enhancements to an already excellent package.

Offering depth and fun from the outset. This is a great time everytime.

With a trios and quads mode coming to the game during the season, too. I’m excited to make some more time for Rumbleverse.

With the battle royale landscape full of competition, it feels like now is a good time to set itself apart. Fortnite is in a bit of a slump, PUBG is ready to launch a map remaster and the million others all seem to be in a lull…..time for Rumbleverse to strike!

Have you checked it out? Have you been to see the changes in season 2?

I’ll be adding it to the stream rotation this month, I think. So catch me over on Twitch, hoping to add some more wins to that sweet sweet accidental back-to-back from this morning!

Get out there and wrestle every person you see!

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