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Quick sip: Costa Coffee in a can

Over the weekend I saw that Costa Coffee have released a range of canned, cold coffee drinks.

Never one to shy away from a new gimmick and coffee drink, I of course leapt at the opportunity to give them a go!

Of the 3 available “Straight Forward” (Americano), “Smooth Sidekick” (Latte) and “Sweet Sidekick” (Caramel Latte). I picked up the Americano and Latte variations. With a view to getting the Caramel Latte soon.

Canned coffee is always a fun one to try. Almost always full of milk and sugar. So to see the Costa had released on Latte defined as “sweet” and the other as “smooth”, along with the release of just a plain Americano piqued my interest massively.


Straight forward Costa

The most intriguing drink on offer here, to me at least, is the Americano. With a black label, indicating that it might be a straight-up black coffee a la cold brew.

Looking at the ingredients, there was no sign of milk, and only trace amounts of sugar. This little can was starting to look like the holy grail of coffee in a can.

Costa have only gone and bloody done it!

A black Americano, no fuss, well balanced (cold brew can often be too watery when served in a store) and very little actually added to it.

With that signature mocha taste, I have to say I’ve found a new favourite for something quick and on the go!

Better still at £1 (presumably an offer/introductory rate) it was a bargain.

Cold coffee is easy enough to source in supermarkets and corner shops, but just a straight-up black coffee without all the added sweetness and flavourings is truly a wonderful thing.

Great work Costa!

Cold coffee or cold-brewed coffee has become more and more prevalent recently. How do you feel about freezing coffee?


Smooth sidekick

A latte is never my go-to drink, but there are times where some of that milky goodness is needed. Either as a comfort, or just for a change.

Now, of course chilled coffees almost always come with milk, but more importantly they always seem to come with quite a high sugar content. Sure, I love a sweet coffee-based treat on occassion, but I’d rather let the sweetness of the texturised milk take over instead.

I can’t speak to the process of the milk before it’s put into the drink here (I doubt that there are baristas standing there steaming jug after jug….), but I can say that Costa clearly know their way around a latte.

Another hit here. Smooth, creamy and not over-sweetened. Unmistakably Costa and really quite refreshing.

Based on personal preference, I’d always go for the Americano option, but knowing that the Smooth Sidekick exists means I have choices now that aren’t overly sweet.



This is a little quick and dirty, but I kind of feel like that’s ok. These ready-made drinks are made to be easy to grab and go, so it fits with the shortness of this little review.

Beyond the convenience, it seems like Costa have hit the market where nobody else really has. Quality coffee drinks are easy enough to come by, but a selection, with consistent flavour and no unnecessary sugar is honestly a revelation in itself.

The “Straight Forward” is the perfect addition to the ready-made coffee drinks, and sits squarely in my sights whenever I need that quick, cool caffeine hit.

Excellent work Costa.

Hopefully that Caramel Latte isn’t too sweet? I’ll see next time I get somewhere with these little cans of joy for sale.

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