Raid life – Ding dong Calus is gone

We did it! Raid night was a success.

Released September 2017, the Leviathan raid was the first to come in Destiny 2.

Never known as a clan to attempt world firsts, or even manage to get into raids until they’re likely complete backwards, solo and one-handed by a dog. That’s never been important. The VasDown clan have always just wanted to complete them and have a laugh.

Struck with the grim reality of actual life, we have often struggled to consistently get on and give things a go. Add to that, things like the welcome addition of children, weddings, house moves etc. And whilst we’ve always wanted to get raids done, we haven’t always been able to commit.

The Leviathan isn’t our first raid. Not by a long-shot. We smashed the Vault of Glass, we saw to it that Crota was ended, and goddamn did we try to complete the Wrath of the Machine (we never did…).

So we have form for getting them done when we can. But raids mean we need the time to learn, time to develop roles within the fireteam, and time to actually get it done.

The Leviathan has been attempted a few times in the past, and we mastered 2 of the three rooms.

Alas, life came in and dragged us all away. Or at least one of us at any given time, making us short on numbers.

Raids require a fireteam of 6, we are a clan of 7 and wrangling enough of us to get back in to do the Leviathan has been a challenge in itself.

However……the past couple of months seem to have allowed for the planets to align, and we’ve got 6 of us on, learning and progressing on a Thursday night.

Last night (Thursday 13th February) was a pre-valentines day massacre for the Cabal. Long may it go down in history as the time VasDown kicked Calus’ ass, took his loot and said “right, what do we do now?”

Raid team

Keep on raiding

I think it’s a given, right? We haven’t finished, if anything we’re just starting to hit our stride.

Sometimes after a shit week, that Thursday night is a light at the end of the tunnel. Often times funny (I’m really good with the jokes…..), often supportive, and always calling each other on bullshit, it’s more than just a chance to play a game online.

This is how we spend time with our friends when we all have lives to lead and responsibilities. It’s why, regardless of how late it gets, I’ll suffer on the Friday, just to stay on and do as much as we can.

Sure, it gets rough, when we have to wipe over and over because it just isn’t clicking. Or when all of our revives are used up and we’re running on fumes to scrape though (Danny…..). But that’s part of the joy. I’d take all those frustrations over and over, just tofinally get that sweet victory.

Of course, with there being 7 of us, and only 6 able to run the raid, we need to go again, and if it comes to it, again and again.

Smug prick

Clan time all the time

Nobody gets left behind in VasDown, even if we have to struggle through. It’s literally the only rule, everything else is fair game.

With a Discord server full of nonsense, Pokemon and someone’s penchant for a bit of hentai…..We cater to all.

Fortunately for us, we have plenty of raids to go through and even though I burn-out on Destiny 2 often, I’ll always get there for a raid if I can.

With a child pending, I’m sure that my input is likely to drop-off a bit, but that’s ok, as long as everyone is carrying on, waving the VasDown banner, I’ll get back in the saddle at some point.

Next-up, the two Raid Lairs, then the other big-boy raids. We’ll tackle them blind, and in release order, all being well.

We might not ever get a world-first or speed-run world records, but we’ll get them done somehow.

Hopefully next time there will be no need for HR meetings, and we might even get to stream the thing. Either way, I take my glass of wine, and we go in. We ain’t perfect, but damnit, I wouldn’t change any of it.

VasDown life, for life.

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