Spider-Man Remastered on PC

I’ve written plenty about 2018’s Spider-Man game, and then the DLC. Followed by the Miles Morales game, which was essentially a big DLC if we’re being honest. So I don’t want to re-review it that’s kind of pointless, and the facts still remain. Spider-Man is a fantastic game and Insomniac games did an incredible job.

Move to 2022 and Sony have been working on their PC releases. Realising that gatekeeping their first-party titles is maybe not the best way to make plenty of money. Especially with consoles being hard to get hold of since COVID.

So, I’ve been re-playing Spider-Man on PC and it’s a bloody treat to be back in the game.

Spider-Man - Reflections

What’s new?

Well, when they released the PS5 remastered version of Spider-Man they pushed the boat out. Sure the game itself isn’t different. No extra content (although the remaster comes with the DLC all bundled into it), but fixes and improvements, taking advantage of hardware advances.

But what they have done is push the boundaries of one of the best-looking, slickest games of recent years to a new standard. New games need to be coming out like this from now on, and even if it means I need a new GPU and CPU to keep up, I’m all in.

Spider-Man now has a wealth of improvements to help you play the game either more smoothly, at a faster frame rate or at higher graphical fidelity with the power of technology like DLSS and Ray-Tracing.

Simulated light reflections sound like something unnecessary, but when you see it, the sun reflecting of glass buildings. Spider-Man looking at reflections in buildings of the world around him, it’s something else.

Now, I can’t run Spider-Man with Ray-Tracing, but I’ve been tweaking all the bells and whistles to see what I can squeeze-out of my trust 1660 Super. Smooth 60 frames at 1080p might not sound like much to some, but it feels amazing.

Better still, if you have the gear, you can push it to 4k, 120 frames per second and a whole heap of ultra-sharp textures. Spider-Man is looking sharp as hell and the photo mode is all the better for it.

Spider-Man - Silhouette

Never played?

I’ve you didn’t get around to playing Spider-Man because of Sony and their first-party gate keeping, let me tell you that now is absolutely the time to get on board. This is not only the best package of content, but the best version of the game, with so many options and tweaks to play with. You get the bet experience possible.

I’ll upgrade my PC build eventually, and then I’ll see even more benefits!

The game itself is one of the best, and certainly better than a lot of recent open world games. It feels like the most accessible, fluid and fun games on the market, and this remaster only shows that moreso than ever before.

I can’t believe I’m invested in playing through it all again, and genuinely considering going for 100% of all the achievements.

Spider-Man - Posing

Spider-Man: Miles Morales next?

The Miles Morales game came out on PS5 with similar tweaks and options at the release of the console. So hopefully we’ll see that released next, and pushing the boundaries of what PC gaming can be.

If we get both of these games and they’re successful, hopefully we’ll see some of the sequels released to PC a little quicker (4 years feels like it’s a touch too long…..).

If Sony keep this up and release more titles to PC, then I think it’s safe to say that Spider-Man won’t be the only brilliant game pushing the resources of my PC to the max. I need to check out God of War compared to my PS4 playthrough, at some point, too!

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