It’s a little quiet here at the minute, but things are underway!

I’m doing my first full game review, which will be of Titanfall 2 (spoiler alert: It’s great), but a proper review, plus some content, and actually getting to grips with it, all require time, of which I’ve not had a great deal of.  However, its in progress and the draft is updated most days, so its growing!

Otherwise, I’m doing a quick review of The Division which myself and the always excellent VasDown boys have started playing.  Plus there’s the new Destiny stuff due on 13th December (I need a new Icebreaker!!!), so lots to go at.

I’m starting to do some music reviews, too.  Covering some of this years’ releases by some of my favourite bands.

There’s a lot to do, but life takes priority, and Christmas is coming, so these things take a back seat on occasion.   Hopefully a couple of hours on a weekend, and the upcoming Christmas break should give me a little bit of time for the reviews and videos.

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