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Warzone 2 – Armored Royale 2.0

In the fast-paced world of Call of Duty: Warzone, where survival is the name of the game, new twists are always welcomed by players looking to test their mettle. Back in 2020, the original Call of Duty: Warzone introduced a limited-time mode that added a thrilling layer of vehicular combat to the Battle Royale experience – Armored Royale. This mode became an instant favorite among fans of the game. Now, with the Season 5 Reloaded update, Armored Royale is making a triumphant return in Warzone 2.

I’ll not lie, I’ve had a blast playing Armored Royale. The tactical changes of having to be responsible for your vehicle, or opting to eschew it and keep mobile on-foot and keep off the roads is really interesting. You end up with a subtle set of on-the-fly decisions that separate the game mode from a normal Battle Royale.

If someone made a game just around this mode, I’d be all-in to play that for a good while.

Armored Royale MRAP

The Armored Royale 2.0 Experience

In the Armored Royale 2.0 mode, your squad is thrust into the heart of the action, spawning at a random location on the map alongside a trusty MRAP vehicle. Just like in a regular Battle Royale match, you start with nothing more than a pistol and a thirst for loot. Scour the map for cash, weapons, and essential supplies. However, in this game mode, there’s a unique twist: your armored vehicle is your lifeline.

The fate of your MRAP is directly tied to your chances of victory. Unlike in traditional Warzone modes, there’s no gulag here. The MRAP’s respawn system is the key to keeping you and your squad in the game. If your MRAP is taken out by the enemy, you’ll need a teammate to buy you back at a buy station. Or use a redeployment flare to get back into the action.

Similarly, you can turn the tables on your foes by destroying their squad’s MRAP. This not only halts their chances of redeployment but also paves the way for you to eliminate them from the match entirely. Should your squad’s vehicle meet an unfortunate end, fear not; you can acquire a new MRAP by purchasing one from the nearest buy station for $6000.

However, the MRAP is more than just a lifeline. It’s a formidable weapon in its own right. Utilize its turrets to take out enemy players and their armored vehicles, gaining a strategic advantage in battle. To further enhance your chances of success, consider accumulating a substantial sum of cash and upgrading your MRAP using the Upgrade Station located directly on the vehicle.

Armored Royale MRAP Upgrades

Upgrading Your MRAP

The Upgrade Station offers a variety of enhancements to take your MRAP to the next level. These upgrades include:

  1. UAV: Gain valuable intel on enemy positions with a UAV mounted on your MRAP.
  2. Trophy System: Defend against enemy explosives and rockets by equipping your MRAP with a trophy system.
  3. Increased Armor: Ensure your vehicle can withstand even the most intense firefights with improved armor.
  4. Better Turrets: Enhance your offensive capabilities with improved turret systems.
  5. Smoke Grenades: Utilize smoke grenades to obscure your movements and escape tricky situations.

By strategically choosing and applying these upgrades, you can turn your MRAP into a formidable force on the battlefield, making it an asset not just for your team’s survival but for your dominance in Armored Royale 2.0.

In Armored Royale 2.0, every decision matters. Your squad’s coordination and vehicle management will determine whether you emerge as the last team standing. So, gear up, protect your MRAP, and prepare for intense vehicular combat. Will you conquer the competition and achieve victory in this high-octane Warzone experience? Jump into the action and find out for yourself!

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