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Assassin’s Creed Unity – Final thoughts


It’s done! I finished the main story missions, a fair few side missions and a few co-op missions.



I enjoyed this game, and I’ve gone into detail in two other posts about it already, so there’s no need to go over it.

It looks fantastic, I actually enjoyed the story, and the ending (although Assassin’s Creed games really know how to draw out their credits…..). I loved the animations and the overall experience was positive, giving me a redeemed enthusiasm for the series after getting fatigued with it.

The combat is awful, truly awful and made encounters needlessly tough towards the end (at least I have smoke bombs, and I can run!). The movement and camera leave a bit to be desired, but you settle into those, a little.

The map is HUGE and the amount of interior spaces built into the map, is excellent.

All that said, I had a good time with this game, albeit a frustrating one on occasion. It seemed to get critically panned, and it was well known for bugs upon its release. Certainly a lot of these issues have been ironed out, and the online co-op was smooth, which was a real surprise and a genuine joy to play with friends.

Some nice customisation options meant I had some pretty bitchin’ outfits as I leapt across Paris, particularly the “Phantom” hoods.


It was fun and beautiful, but frustrating and sometimes just plain bad and unfair.

Everytime I settled into it, something like being stabbed out of nowhere took me right out of it, leaving me to switch it off (after repeating the same sections over and over, to no avail). It was jarring to have something so nice to look at, be so mechanically ugly.

The bad bits were fundemental elements of the game, which can’t be ignored. The good bits were great, but couldn’t outweigh the bad enough to make it anything other than just “good”.


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