Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Further Impressions


I’ve still not played a massive amount of this game, and I’m still in the first area.  So I can’t really comment on the “story” per se.  Although it seems pretty standard “Only the special troops can do this, everyone else is inferior” type fare.

I don’t mind that, and it’s not exactly going to be the last game to have this type of setup.

What I do know, is how it plays, how it looks and how much I’m enjoying it so far.



How it plays, how it looks and how much I’m enjoying it

As mentioned before, there are a couple of issues with driving controls and limited control of the AI.  Otherwise, though, I really like how this game handles things like movement and shooting.

There’s a really satisfying “thud” upon contact of a shot with an enemy, the drone is a wonderful and effective tool, something I perhaps over-use, but it’s fun and that’s all I need!

Sync shots are great, although I often wonder how my ghosts managed to defy physics to make some of those kills……..

Drone, mark-up, shoot, clear an area.  It’s fluid and effective.  I’ve spent more time sneaking up on small enemy encampments to just clear them, than I have doing actual missions.  It’s fun and satisfying to do.

Sure, it might get a little repetitive, but so far, so good.


Graphically, this game looks really nice.  Reasonable draw distances and some really really nice lighting.  The enemy character models aren’t stunning, but they’re good, and facial detail doesn’t matter when you’re sniping from a hillside, out of the way!

When it gets dark, it gets dark.  I often feel that I actually need my night-vision on, which is nice. Its not just some superfluous function, added because it’s a Tom Clancy game.  It adds to those night time raids, and really helps draw you in that little bit more.


Keep going

I’m definitely having a good time playing solo, and just in the first area.  Will this feeling continue?  Will the story missions become tough and frustrating whilst relying on AI allies?  How will I fare playing co-op?

Time will tell!

Hopefully I’ll get time to stream some gameplay and share it here.

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