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Nothing drastic going on here, in fact, nothing much going on, hence the update.

I’ve tried to invest time in specific games, tried to put time into streaming, and slowly slowly started to work on video content. Not everything pans out, some things will take a little longer as I keep making changes to the way things go.

Luckily, nobody really cares, and I do this all off my own back, on my own whims.

Just because things aren’t all apparent, doesn’t mean things aren’t in motion, though.

Changes on the site

Nice and easy here. I’ve been working on updating banners and some of the visual elements I use for posts. The biggest thing that required changes, were the ratings banners. Still showing the old old logo, using an old font, and well, not too sharp……

So, I’ve put some new ones together!

The rating system still stands (although I’m toying with an additional tier). I don’t do scores but I do think something as a catch-all for someone looking for that quick “bottom line”. So we’re keeping the “Not recommended”, “Recommended” and “Exceptional” ratings. But now they have shiny, new badges!


Coming up

I hate to commit to anything specific. Especially when I tried so hard to commit to Monster Hunter: Rise, and streaming etc.

So, changes are happening!

Firstly, no over-promising. Secondly, improved workflows to keep my ideas and progress on things, on-track. Using Notion, I’m actually keeping track of all kinds of stuff. Both for this site, and for others. Even planning changes to the store and everything else!

I never knew that it would make so much difference.

Beyond that, I’m toying with video stuff. Trying to be comfortable with it, and to push the button and actually post things. I’ll get there!

I’ve got some long-term stream ideas. No pressure for me, but some changes to the way I’ve tried to work it out in the past. Long single-player games, that I can dip in and out of at my leisure, without the need to keep up with releases etc. Ninja Refinery hasn’t ever been about keeping up with news and new releases, so why try and chase that dragon now?

Right now, it’s going to between Death Stranding or Horizon Zero Dawn. I can’t quite choose yet, but either way, it’s low impact for me, and if anyone wants to watch, that’s cool. Otherwise, it’s video capture that I can try use for a review or something instead!

I have LOADS of coffees to review, and again, new workflows help that process. I need to make changes to that whole bit, because it takes so long. I don’t want to rush them, especially when dialling-in on grinds for each brew method etc, but I take weeks on one blend sometimes!


The store has seen some product changes over the past few weeks, and honestly, I love what’s there now. Just added a new baseball cap, too.

I have an idea for a new t-shirt design, too. Although design etc isn’t my bag. I just want a nice clean and simple offering, but on occasion I’ll try something different.

There’s not too much going on there, otherwise. Every order so far has been promptly despatched and the quality has been great, the embroidery is awesome and I’m really pleased with how it’s all come out.

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