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What’s coming in 2024 for ninjarefinery.com? Short answer is, I don’t have a clue, and for the first time, that’s fine with me. Everything has always been on a whim, and whilst I love a plan and ideas, I can’t commit as I’d like. Between work and just normal life, I can’t focus solely on […]


Blog – 2023

Ok, new year……not likely to be a massive new Ninja Refinery. But that’s ok, every day is about change and I like to think that we just do what we want and pivot as required. There’s no grand plan for 2023, in fact, like 2020, it’s about survival and being reasonably consistent. With another little […]

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Stream Team Showdown!

Did you know that Ninja Refinery hit affiliate level on Twitch last year? Did you also know that friend of the site JackelOP88 also hit Twitch affiliate, so we formed a stream team. The NinJack stream team is a real thing, and you can join the community we’re building! Join us over on our community […]


Blog – Coffee changes

It’s been a little while since any posts, but that’s fine, it’s in the name of progress behind the scenes. With a cool idea around the merch store that may or may not take place, a video review that I keep putting off, Skyward Sword keeping me busy and plenty of online games. There’s a […]

Coffee Gaming

Blog – Small Changes

Nothing drastic going on here, in fact, nothing much going on, hence the update. I’ve tried to invest time in specific games, tried to put time into streaming, and slowly slowly started to work on video content. Not everything pans out, some things will take a little longer as I keep making changes to the […]


Games and our approach to them

A mantra used in so many methodologies, from project management to development of software and plans for meetings/sessions. What about games, though? Plan, Do, Review. It’s clear, it’s concise and it’s remarkably effective. A cycle, not a linear map to follow. As soon as you hit the “review” phase, you go back to planning your […]