Burgershot: 50 Years of the Big Mac

This month marks 50 years of service to the iconic “Big Mac” from one of the the biggest names in the fast-food industry, McDonald’s.

The name of the game is quick and cheap, and they’re never going to be the best burger you can get for your money, but I enjoy a McDonald’s on occasion, and I’ve always been a fan of the faithfully consistent Big Mac.

To celebrate, McDonald’s are releasing the Mac Junior and the Grand Mac.  Giving 3 different options for the Big Mac (standard Big Mac being the third option).

Now, I’ve been pretty poor at doing the old burger-related content, and despite eating plenty, I’ve been quite slack and that needs to change.  So, what better way to dive-in, than with the tasting of an icon re-born, not once, but twice?

In the name of science, I’m eating all three, in one sitting and seeing how they stack-up against each other.  It seemed like a really good idea the other day……

Mac Junior

By appearances, you’d be forgiven for thinking “well this is just a Big Mac that isn’t big”, and you’d be right.  To all intents and purposes, that’s exactly what it is.  A patty and a middle bun removed, but with all the other ingredients, including the all important “special sauce”.

Is it worth a try?  Well, I guess…….If you like a Big Mac, then, yeah.  Why wouldn’t you just get the normal Big Mac though?

It’s fine, and it’s nice that they’re trying to do something to mark 50 years of a classic, I suppose?

Big Mac

Does anything need writing here? It’s the same classic signature burger that McDonald’s have been making pretty consistently across the globe for five decades.  It’s my go-to when I get a meal, and I can’t think of a time that it’s let me down.

Let’s be honest, they don’t look as good as they taste, hell, they don’t even look as good as the promotional pictures…….it doesn’t matter though.  You can go almost anywhere in the world and get the same burger, and that in itself is impressive.

The classic two-patty, bread bun with a slice in the middle, the classic sauce, lettuce, cheese and pickles, all topped with chopped white onions.  It’s never going to be the best burger on the market, but it’s good, and sometimes the convenience makes it a great choice for those hunger pangs.

I enjoy a Big Mac, I always will.  This one is no different, and that’s a good thing.

Grand Mac

The Grand Mac is the one that initially turned my head.  The prospect of a bigger Big Mac isn’t something to be sniffed at, is it?

Guess what……..it’s a bigger Big Mac.

Not really sure what else to say.  Perhaps this is how the Big Mac should be?  Nope.

For some reason, the burgers are as thin, albeit it bigger in circumference, but there is definitely more bread.  It was less burger, and more bread bun when it came to actually eating it.  They need to sort out the meat/bread ratio if they’re ever going to make a go of this in the longer-term

Either way, it’s exactly what you would expect.  More.

Limited edition

So far, these additions to the Big Mac family are down as temporary.  So I’m not sure if/when we’ll see them again.

The fact is, if you like a Big Mac, you’ll like the other two.  If you want more of it, the Grand Mac is your fella.  If you want that special sauce, but want to cut down on the bread and red meat, the Mac Junior is the way to go.

We already have a Big Mac, and it’s the middle ground between the other two options…….maybe that’s just where we need to be?  I love a good promotional burger, and I’m happy to have given these all a bash, but all that has happened really, is that I’ve learned to appreciate the 50 year old that little bit more.  I mean, you’ve got to have some respect for something that has been around for that long in an ever-changing, fast-paced market.

Long live the Big Mac!

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