Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

I love coffee, simple as that.

I brew and grind and try every bean and blend that I can get my hands on.  I love it, I love the process, and the science in getting the perfect cup.

I love finding that super-dark roast that just hits you with that sweet bitterness.

Coffee is a wonderful thing, and much like games and burgers, I want to share my experience and opinions on my journey through every coffee I can find.

My coffee rules

My only real rule is this: No milk, no sugar.

Enjoy the coffee as it is.  To me, it’s the purest way, and frankly, I don’t like coffee with milk or sugar!

Everything else is fair game.  Roasted or grown unusually? Awesome!  New way to grind, or a new method with my aeropress? Great!

Generally I buy beans and grind them part way between fine and medium, and then, depending on how many cups I’m making, I’ll go with a standard cafetiere or aeropress.  Sometimes, there’s the Hario V60, it all depends on my mood and how much mess I want to make!

Here’s to a billion cups of coffee, shared and enjoyed!

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