Burgers? Burgers!

I spent the latter part of my 20’s and these first couple of years in my 30’s, almost exclusively trying different burgers in different places, when out for a meal.

Why?  Well, why not? I love a good burger, and the variation between restaurants is ridiculous.

I aim to find the greatest burgers that are available, and to share the wealth.


Well, it’s my site, I like writing my thoughts on stuff, and, well……I want to!

Burger reviews will become a part of killthekage.com as of now, and I’ll document everything here.

I’ve never had a burger, where should I begin?

There are two answers here for me.  Fast-food is a beautiful thing, and being so ubiquitous these days, it means we’re always within reach of some great places to eat a decent burger.

My advice would be to hit a Five Guys (hands-down the best fast-food burger available), or go get the XL Bacon Double Cheese from Burger King.

If you can’t get to those, the standard double cheeseburger at McDonald’s is a great starting point.  Certainly not luxury or top-end, but it tastes great and it’s consistent throughout all of their restaurants.

You can’t go wrong with any of these.

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