Destiny 2 Beta – Here we go!

The Destiny 2 beta went live on Xbox One yesterday, and so I dived right in.

Joined by some of the VasDown boys, we got to grips with the strike and the PvP, after each playing through the “Homecoming” campaign mission.

I started out with a Hunter and the new arcstrider subclass.


Thoughts so far

It’s basically a pretty Destiny at this point!

I loved getting straight into the campaign mission, which was loads of fun, and a lovely run around the tower, albeit, in complete panic.  Going through it with the perspective of someone trying to survive and work out what’s going on was great.  Particularly when trying to remember buttons and work out abilities, so I was actually struggling to survive as I moved forwards.

I’m not particularly taken on the loadout set up, two primaries and then what should be specials, lumbered with what were heavies, it just didn’t feel like I had the range options I’d like.  I like to have a close range in my special, and then a mid-range in my primary.  Now it’s just two primaries, with mid-range (or short if using a side arm/sub machinegun, but without the impact) and no ammo for anything that can do a decent amount of damage.

The new subclass is fine…..nothing particularly impressive, although the almost-but-not-quite lightsaber noise is lovely.  With such a slow super recharge rate, I don’t feel I’ve given it enough time yet.

Ability recharge rates are very slow.  I would understand it, post end-cinematic of the mission.  Losing light, losing the tower, having to re-build etc.  Yeah, we’re weak and starting from scratch.

However,  in the context of the first clip, we’re “our” guardian, that has conquered everything in D1 and maxed out our light and abilities, with decent tier equipment.  So I don’t understand why we’re so weak at this point?

The roll ability is something I’ve used a great deal since the release of the Nightstalker, so I’m really pleased to see it added as a core hunter ability.  It just seems a little selfish compared to the team buffs provided by the newly improved Warlock (healing/powerup for the team) and Titan (barriers for safety).

Everything so far “feels” like Destiny, mechanically speaking, which is nice.

The strike is a joy, and the huge areas feel great.  There’s a much more cinematic vibe here, and a more “Halo” feel to it.  It felt more like a micro raid in some respects.  I loved the boss battle, and the struggle.  One of the best strikes Bungie has created in a while.

Again, slow ability recharge meant add clearance was a ballache on occasion.


PvP is now for teams of 4, which I was hesitant about, but I did so badly that I didn’t have time to worry about it.  Familiarity with the maps will change my perspective entirely, and I wouldn’t say it’s any worse than D1 thus far.

Again though, slow ability recharge (sometimes not even getting a super in a round) and having grenades do little damage……It could be any shooter really.  Some proper team co-ordination and familiarity with the maps and changes, will make for a much better opinion of PvP in due course.

Dropping legendary loot for things is a nice touch, granted it’s only for a few days, but you feel rewarded.


There are slots for shader on weapons, ships and your ghost which is promising.  Perhaps we’ll have more customisation options than before?

Ooooh! Also, I really like the ship my hunter got post-story.  Love it, and the hunter snake logo is superior to the Warlock and Titan!


So now I’ll head back into the beta and play through the story mission as both Titan and Warlock, and see their changes, also.

More videos will be up soon.

For now, it’s more Destiny, albeit it prettier and different.  Whether or not change is good, won’t really be seen until a bit more time spent in the universe I’ve grown to love so much.

Change isn’t always bad, but it isn’t always good either.  Let’s see what the balance is here!

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