Destiny 2 beta – The Farm

The new social space “The Farm” was made available for one hour this Sunday (6pm GMT for me), for people to jump in and take a look around, we did just that!

5 out of 6 of us got on to explore together and see what’s what.

We ended up climbing up anything we could, discovering as many ways out of the area as possible, speculating on the locations of factions and vendors, and playing football.

It was an hour to run around in a space that wasn’t “live” per-se, so we haven’t seen it in all of its glory yet. ¬†However, it was full, it was a nice little bit of light relief in a new social space, and we discovered a new “clamber” animation, which will hopefully make scaling things in these spaces much easier in the future (looking at you Felwinter’s peak……).

Here’s footage from the zone.


All in all, it was just another social space, and an excuse to get us all together for an “exclusive” sneak peek. ¬†What’s there, and how different it’ll be from the tower, is yet to be seen.

Let’s see what September brings.

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