Destiny 2 – Initial Thoughts

It would be completely remiss of me to not make any kind of post about Destiny 2 around it’s first few days of release.  Especially after just banging on about how much I enjoyed the first Destiny.

I don’t want to get into any great detail at this point, as I’m only a few hours in, and a game this large requires a massive amount of time invested in it.

I’ve just unlocked the third planet, and done some crucible matches, so I have a long way to go!

Straight off the bat

  • Without hesitation I can say that this game looks incredible.  The lighting is awe-inspiring, honestly, you walk around just taking in the lighting, seeing how it breaks through the darkness, or how it’s used to highlight certain areas.  Wow. Just, wow;
  • New enemy animations, with my particular favourite being the “scuttle” of the Fallen vandals.  Creepy, but apt and it gives them their own unique “feel” which didn’t necessarily come across before;
  • Cutscenes are great, and the new characters being introduced seem ok, I’ve not had enough time with them yet;
  • Adventures are nice extensions of the classic “patrol” missions, and the lost sectors are fun to find (hidden away areas, with a mini boss fight and loot!);
  • It seems like levelling-up subclasses is pretty swift.  It seems a little too quick.  I mean if there’s no grind after level 20, where is the lasting appeal?;
  • No mention of sight of strikes just yet, no doubt they’re waiting in the wings to appear, post level 20?;
  • Gifts from Tess are a nice touch (especially when people are so up-in-arms about shaders at present);
  • The farm is fine, seems like there are places left to open;
  • At the beginning of the game, showing you your achievements from Destiny, and with whom they were completed, a really really nice touch;
  • The soundtrack seems to really be on-point, too.

Far too much to go before I can be objective and have a full outlook on the game as a whole.  I’m making notes like a lunatic, and trying to cover it fully, like I’ve never done before.  It’s essentially my first “proper” review.  Nothing like starting on one of the biggest releases of the year……..

Having a good time with the VasDown boys, and taking it all in.  It’d be stupid to try and go into any further detail at the moment.

Keep an eye out on Mixer to see everything streamed live, and check out the vids on YouTube.

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