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Further to my post about review scoring, I feel that it’s important to at least provide a succinct and recognisable overall “feel” for what a wordy write-up may say.  Giving a quick reference to the overall thoughts on a game/product that I’ve reviewed.

As such, I’m stamping all reviews with one of three ratings as a general guide.

The ratings

From now on, all reviews will be stamped at the top of a post with the overall rating.

Exceptional (Onyx tier) – The top-tier, highly recommended, essential game.  Worth every penny.

Recommended (Pearl tier) – The mid-tier, worth a look, maybe worth waiting for a price drop.  Not essential, but worthy of your time and money.

Avoid (Garnet tier) – The lowest tier, and one that I don’t expect to use too often.  Absolute waste of time and money.  Not worth your investment, with no redeeming features at all.

Moving forward

That’s it.  Simple, hopefully useful and effective.

The view is to use “Exceptional” only for the finest games going, and I expect a lot of things to be mid-tier.

There are always redeeming factors for even the lowest end of average, so I’m hoping only the worst offenders are given the “Avoid” stamp.  Let’s see how it goes!

These are, of course only my opinion, and to get the roundest view of thoughts on a product, it’s worth reading beyond just the stamp, and reading what others have to say, too.

Let’s see how it goes.

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