Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – Time to bounce back?

Destiny 2 is due to have DLC number 2 (Warmind) released and it’s genuinely the first time since release that I’ve felt a genuine pang of interest.

Gone are those god-awful live action TV ads.  The subreddit is still full of complaints and “Bungie Plz” posts, but there’s an optimism there that I’ve not seen in ages (it got pretty dull and salty there, so I’ve not really visited for a while, to be fair).

Saving Destiny 2?

The first DLC held much promise, finally getting to interact with a legendary guardian (Osiris), referenced so frequently in the Destiny 1 grimoire.  How could it go wrong?  The clips were promising, the new items looked cool.  We (as a fanbase) were ripe for the taking after the enjoyment of Destiny 2 waned quite quickly.

The DLC was pretty hollow, adding bare-bones missions, some more content to buy with actual money at Eververse, and frankly, not a lot more.  It didn’t fix the perceived issues with the base game, but arguably, it never could.  This DLC would have been made during the same development cycle, planned to be released and already built to go.

That was enough to turn me away from Destiny, and it was with a heavy heart that I watched a franchise I loved, and had spent A LOT of hours in, become this messy hollow shell of what it had grown to be in the first 3 years.


Enter Warmind.  Not only is it adding new missions, new items and the usual bits and pieces, but it’s coming hot on the heels of a lot of “we hear you” and “we’re sorry, we’re going to improve Destiny” rhetoric from Bungie.

Truth be told, the trailers and the steady drip of info online has really turned things around for me, and I’m ready to dive in, and take a look.  Focus seems to be on the right things (making exotic weapons actually feel special!), adding a new PvE mode to keep us occupied.  This could be what I need, what Destiny 2 needs.  At least it could be the first big steps in the right direction.


Let’s see! I’m optimistic, but pretty jaded with Bungie at this stage, which is something I never thought would happen after years and years of loyal fandom.

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