Overwatch – New hero! Brigitte

I know this is well past the release of Brigitte into Overwatch, but I like to let a new hero settle in, and have everyone else use her and lose excitement, so then I can pick her and spend time getting to grips in non-competitive matches.

So I did……and man am I pleased I finally got around to giving her a spin.

A bit of everything

I try to “main” supports and tanks, and after the release of Moira, I’ve had a decent healer to rotate to, too.

Brigitte though……damn! She does it all!!

With her shield up, Brigitte can block damage and lead a charge (granted, it isn’t as big as Reinhardt’s), acting as aggro to draw fire.

She has a flail-type melee weapon that can be used to reach at a distance, and push people back, and she can quite literally smack 10 bells out of someone nearby.  Add to that the stun you get when you do a shield bash, and she’s a force to be reckoned with in the right hands (not necessarily mine….).

So yeah, she can draw a bit of heat and she’s pretty decent on the offensive.  That’s not where it stops though.  She dishes out armour to her team mates, and gives them that extra health when they’re pushing forward ahead of her.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such an all-rounder that’s so competent in several areas at once.  Ok, she doesn’t excel at DPS, and her shield isn’t quite so robust as her father’s (Reinhardt).  She does fit that niche that I love though,  trying to help out and doing a bit of everything.

Too good?

Arguably, she’s a little overpowered as it stands.  I’ve found a shield bash and flail combo to be really effective, and keeping folks at bay is a breeze.

In reality, people are getting to grips with her, and on the flipside of that, they’re working out counters to her jack-of-all-trades style.

In my mind, Brigitte is exactly the addition to Overwatch that I was looking for, and I feel that I can perform a few roles at once now, especially when pushing an objective.

As a D.Va, Mei, Reinhardt and Moira player, Brigitte feels well within my wheelhouse, and I couldn’t be happier!  I’m doing season 10 with her as my initial go-to, and changing out when I see poor team composition.  Fact is, she’s filling a lot of those gaps in one, so I’m hoping to get a lot of play time with her.

Great work here from Blizzard.

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