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Getting started in Sea of Thieves in 2024

We’ve been back on a Sea of Thieves kick in quite a significant way, here at Ninja Refinery. Sailing, battling, digging, looting and everything else that comes with the life of a pirate.

It’s always been a decent game, but in 2024 I can’t help but feel it’s in the best place for newcomers and more casual players, thaqt it has ever been.

So with that in mind, we cobbled together a few tips to help you on your journey as you embark upon a life of piracy.

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Get started

The open seas await! But before you set off, it’s important to create your pirate. While everyone starts with the same abilities in Sea of Thieves, choosing your pirate is all about expressing yourself. Do you want to strike fear into the hearts of other players, or perhaps go for a quirky and memorable look?

Your ship is your trusty companion. Consider your crew size when choosing your vessel. The nimble sloop is perfect for solo sailors or duos, while the galleon is a powerhouse suited for larger crews of three to four.

Conquering the Waves

Now that you have your crew and ship, let’s get sailing! Here are some essential tips to get you started:

  • Master the Basics: Learn the ropes (literally)! Steering, raising sails, and anchoring are crucial for navigating the seas. Find a safe area to practice before venturing into deeper waters.
  • Chart Your Course: Your map is your best friend. Use it to find your way, locate treasures, and avoid hazards. Understanding sea conditions like calm waters for smooth sailing and stormy seas that require extra caution is vital. Combined with a compass, you’re unstoppable!
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Surviving the High Seas

Sea of Thieves is full of challenges. Here’s how to keep your ship afloat and your crew healthy:

  • Resource Management: Your ship needs constant attention. Stock up on essentials like food (for healing), wood (for repairs), and cannonballs (for defense). Always be on the lookout for resources on islands, floating barrels, and outposts. Keep your supplies organized for easy access during battles or emergencies.
  • Ship Battles: These can be thrilling but also perilous. Position your ship strategically to maximize your attacks and minimize damage. Aim for the enemy’s waterline to sink them faster. Always have someone ready with repairs, prioritizing the lower deck which fills up first.
  • Face-to-Face Combat: Hone your swordsmanship! Practice timing your swings, dodges, blocks, and counterattacks. Pistols are handy for quick shots, while blunderbusses pack a punch at close range. Stock up on ammo and food to stay in the fight.

Becoming a Seasoned Sailor

Sailing is more than just steering the wheel. Here’s how to truly master the art of navigation and crew cooperation:

  • Harness the Wind: Effective sailing relies on catching the wind in your sails. Adjust your sails accordingly to maximize speed and maneuverability, especially when escaping enemies or chasing targets.
  • Crew Roles: Each member plays a vital part. The captain leads the way, the sailors manage sails and anchors, the navigator plots courses, gunners defend the ship, and someone needs to be dedicated to repairs and keeping the ship afloat. If you’re playing solo, you’re all of these. Otherwise, with crews up to 4 players, it’s about making sure everyone can do everything, and you can take the reigns as required.
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Taming the Storm

Storms can be brutal in Sea of Thieves, but with the right strategy, you can weather them.

Keep your ship pointed into the wind to minimize damage and adjust your sails for optimal control. Your crew needs to be on high alert, patching holes and keeping the bilge pumped to avoid sinking.

Facing Your Foes

Sometimes, you’ll encounter enemies, either skeleton ships, manned forts, or even other pirates sailing the high seas.

It’s part of the fun, and there’s always the potential of danger looming. Sea of Thieves is a game about pirates, so be careful trusting anyone nearby…..

If you’re outnumbered, use your ship’s agility to your advantage, a Sloop can out-run anything if you use the wind and some clever turns. Out-manoeuvre them by sailing into the wind and using obstacles like shallow waters to your benefit.

Sea of Thieves - Cannon

The Power of Teamwork

There’s strength in numbers. Particularly in Sea of Thieves.

Playing with others enhances your survival and success. Communicate effectively, assign roles, and coordinate your actions. Alliances with other crews can be beneficial, allowing you to tackle tougher challenges and defeat stronger enemies.

However, choose your battles wisely. If your ship is laden with treasure, avoid conflict. But if you’re feeling confident, a well-coordinated attack can yield rich rewards.

Have fun!

Sea of Thieves is a game of chaos, risk and reward. Sometimes things will go south. A ship loaded with loot is great, but sailing through open seas can mean encounters with ships, Krakens, Megalodons and storms. You can lose everything at any moment.

It can be frustrating, it can be humbling. Just remember, it’s fun and when those risks pay off, or you narrowly scrape through a tricky situation, there’s very little like it in modern gaming. Dynamically occurring chaos is just that.

If you lose some loot, it isn’t the end of the world. Balance-out what you consider “worth the risk” vs cashing-in too early and wasting precious time that you could be getting more treasure.

If you’ve never played before, now, you should be ready to go!

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