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Monster Hunter Wilds Unveils New Hunting Grounds and More in Latest Trailer

Get ready to explore a whole new world in Monster Hunter Wilds! Capcom just dropped a new trailer showcasing the upcoming title, and it’s packed with exciting details.


Monster Hunter Wilds

This time around, hunters will join a special Research Commission venturing into the mysterious Forbidden Lands. The story will be fully voiced for the first time in the series, with your character accompanied by a colorful cast including your handler Alma, your Palico partner, and a mysterious child.

Monster Hunter Wilds - Riding

The trailer reveals the Windward Plains, the first of Monster Hunter Wilds’ stunning biomes. This vast region features everything from harsh deserts to lush grasslands, teeming with diverse wildlife. You’ll encounter herbivorous migrations, territorial pack hunters, and amphibian monsters that use their environment to their advantage.

But don’t worry, you’re not defenseless. Monster Hunter Wilds retains the series’ beloved gameplay while introducing new features. Hunters can now seamlessly transition from story to action, and explore the world on nimble Seikret mounts. These creatures allow you to perform actions like sharpening weapons and gathering materials, all while mounted!

Monster Hunter Wilds - Combat

Speaking of weapons, all 14 classic weapon types return with new moves, and a Focus Mode lets you unleash more precise attacks. The new Hook Slinger adds even more tactical options, allowing you to grab items and perform special attacks from afar.

Monster Hunter World veterans can also look forward to bonus items for linking their save data, including special Palico armor and weapons.

It’s getting exciting!

2025 can’t come soon enough. We love Monster Hunter at ninjarefinery.com and Wilds looks like be a direct follow-on from World. World has had such a significant impact on us, Wilds can only be a good thing.

I’ll miss the Palamutes from Rise, and the wirebugs, but Wilds feels like a proper evolution of the series. I wonder how the Seikrets will handle? What other mobility options will we have?

No doubt I’ll be a day-one player with my Insect Glaive in hand, struggling against everything that comes my way. That’s they joy of Monster Hunter, and I think it’s why Elden Ring clicked for me, too. Every monster is a boss battle and a challenge. You go and go until you get it done.

Wilds might be our most anticipated game of 2025 and we’ll be eagerly awaiting new trailers, screenshots and press releases. Keep up with us here, it’s about the only news we publish!

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