Ghost Recon: Wildlands – GRWHQ App


I’ve used a few companion apps in my time.  Something that Ubisoft seem to be particularly keen on pushing, these days.

Usually adding some out-of-game mini game and map functionality, they can be quite useful.

Is this one any good?

Quick note: I’m using this app on an LG G5, and I’ve had no performance issues.



Short answer – Yeah, it’s fine.

Longer answer:

It’s fine.  It does what the other Assassin’s Creed apps did, so it’s nothing particularly new.

I like having a mini game to play, where I get to send off my operatives/ghosts/whatever you want to call them on missions and see some progress in realtime.  The best bit being that the resources they collect, can then be sent directly to you, in-game on the console, which is really handy and makes it feel rewarding for spending those few minutes a day send people off to complete tasks.

The biggest issue I’ve had, is that connecting to your console is a little hit and miss.  No idea why you have to manually input your consoles’ IP Address into the app (surely if it’s on the same network it could auto-detect?), and then when you have the address, it flat-out won’t connect on occasion, several app-restarts later, and it seems ok.  Frustrating, but not the end of the world.

The other perk of the app (once connected to your console….) is the live in-game map, on your phone. It’s pretty responsive, shows all of your objectives, shows your location (including your allies), and it’s a nice touch to give you that “tactical” feel about the whole thing.  In truth, it’s a redundant feature to me, I can’t really be watching two screens at once when I’m focusing on a stealthy base infiltration, but it’s a nice idea.

The CIA Files section is a nice touch, giving you access to the lore and details of the game world.  Implemented in a much nicer way than, say Destiny’s grimoire, but honestly, I don’t care a great deal about the game world at present, so I’ve not really looked at it.

The other features are “News and Community” and “Website”, both of which are fine, if you want to be accessing that stuff, or seeing your online ubisoft-account-having friends.  Nothing particularly special though.


To download or not to download?

Well, that’s up to you.  I’ve found some great use of resource collecting and sending it to myself in-game, and enjoy sending my operatives out on missions.

The connection issues when pairing with a console are a pain, and the live map is a little redundant, to me personally, but it works and it’s pretty slick.

I feel like its missing a decent screen for managing a Task Force (game-specific clan, setup on Ubisoft’s site) effectively.

Will I use it after I finish Wildlands? Nope.

Am I pleased I downloaded it to use whilst enjoying the game? Yes, it’s a nice little addition to a game that I’m enjoying a great deal at the moment.



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