Hearthstone – Level 20 and beyond!


I mentioned before that Hearthstone was proving to be a grind, and level 20 seemed excessive, just to unlock another game mode………Well, I did it, and I’m really pleased I did!

Tavern Brawl

It’s fun!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, another pay-to-play gametype?  Perhaps another high-level set of rules, where the best prepared decks wipe out all whom oppose.


Hit level 20 with any hero and you have access to a game mode that gives you a random deck of cards, based on your class, and you just have to figure out how best to use it, on the fly.

It’s great! I got to play as some of the characters I’ve barely used, level them up, and learn all different cards and potential deck combinations.  It’s an even playing field where anyone can play and not have a clue what they’ll be using until you’re in game.

Removing the fear of building a crap deck, or having to balance your cards out.  Just use what you’re given and have fun.

This is the perfect game mode for me.  There are some rules applied, and it’s a timed event, where rules and rewards are changed frequently.

I won a card pack (that I can’t open until the next expansion is released), and I can contribute towards the daily challenges.

This just works for me, and has injected the fun back into it.

I like to build a deck and test it out, but when the cards are virtual, it’s not quite the same as using physical, tangible cards.  I don’t get the same joy from it, particularly on a phone screen.  So this is great, trying new cards, trying different characters and just going with it.


Where do I go from here?

I guess now, I can just keep playing for fun and not worrying about grinding out a level.  I would love to look at the expansions, but they are priced really steeply, so for now, I’ll just keep playing for fun and see what comes of it.

Are the expansions worth a look??

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