Guest Post: Netflix Games in 2024

So, we’ve been hearing whispers in the dark corners of gaming forums and Twitter threads about Netflix Games. Yes, the same Netflix that’s been our go-to for late-night binge sessions is now trying to elbow its way into our gaming lives.

But here’s the million-pound question: Is Netflix Games gearing up to be the next big thing in mobile gaming, or is it teetering on the edge of the abyss like the ill-fated Google Stadia? Josh from is taking a look!

Netflix Games

The Power in Our Pockets and Netflix’s Slow Play:

Look, we’re not in 2010 anymore. Our phones are no longer just for Angry Birds and Facebook stalking. They’re powerhouses capable of running games that once needed a console.Many phones are now even more powerful than the Nintendo Switch, offering better processing power, and better displays with much higher refresh rates.

Netflix Games seems to be banking on this new age of smartphones, but there’s a catch – their growth has been, well, glacial.

Remember Google Stadia’s rise and fall? It shot for the moon but landed in the “where are they now?” file. Netflix Games, on the other hand, has been creeping up slowly, maybe too slowly for some. But hey, maybe slow and steady wins the race? Or maybe it’s just slow.

Big Name Games and Bigger Expectations

Netflix Games started out like that indie band you loved because nobody else knew them. But now? They’re signing the big labels. We’ve got Football Manager 2024 Mobile Edition, the Oxenfree series making waves, and the GTA Trilogy bringing back the nostalgia in HD. It’s like Netflix suddenly realised that if they want to play in the big leagues, they need to bring out the big guns. And boy, are they delivering.

Strangely though, these games are not streamed on their platform like their hit shows and movies. No, you have to download them. Clicking on the GTA III Definitive Edition on an Android device for example, takes you to a Netflix version of the game on the Google Play Store. Here you will then have to download a 600mb file to be able to play. This is ok for older games, but what about when Netflix tries to include more modern, and CPU intensive games?

Netflix GTA

Are We Really Buying What They’re Selling?

Let’s get real for a sec. If you’re already forking over cash for Netflix, the added games might seem like a sweet deal. But here’s the rub – if you’re not a hardcore mobile gamer, it’s like paying for a gym membership you never use. Sure, GTA III’s price tag of £18.99 makes Netflix Games seem like a bargain. But that is a lot of dough for a game older than some of its players.

Then you think that you may need a controller, and suddenly, you’re not saving; you’re spending.

The Potential Pitfalls

Here’s where the waters get murky. Netflix Games’ slow expansion could be its Achilles’ heel. Gamers want new, exciting content yesterday, not in “coming soon” limbo. Plus, there’s the real risk of burning out our phones faster than a candle at both ends. More gaming means more charging, more heat, and ultimately, more trips to the phone store.

Netflix - Mobile gaming

2024: The Make or Break Year for Netflix Games?

With titles like Sonic Mania Plus and Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit on the horizon, Netflix is whispering sweet nothings about the future. But we’ve been burned before (looking at you, Stadia). Netflix Games has to step up its game – literally – if it wants to avoid being another footnote in the history of failed gaming ventures.

Its slow burn could be what prevents it from collapsing, and gives it a fighting chance. But compared to services like Xbox Games Pass that has a larger library and doesn’t require you to download games on mobile, it has a lot of catching up to do.

Is Netflix Games poised for greatness, or is it just another flash in the pan? The potential is there, but potential doesn’t keep a service alive (RIP Stadia). Netflix needs to speed up its game releases, broaden its library, and maybe, just maybe, it could turn the tide. But for now, I’m keeping my expectations in check and my wallet closed.

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  1. Such a well written piece. Can’t wait to see what comes from Netflix Games in the future. Wouldn’t pay for it outright, but happy to take advantage of their offerings considering I already pay for Netflix.

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